September 15, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard

Today I'm going to share a page out of my devotional titled: Believing In Myself by Earnie Larsen & Carol Hegarty

September 11

Habit is stronger than reason. ~George Santayana

Loving or despising ourselves becomes habitual. And habits, as all living things, are in the business of staying alive. When habits are attacked they put up immediate, heroic defenses. All habits do this~the healthy as well as the not so healthy. Thus a habitual self-despiser who attempts radical change can expect plenty of resistance. There's no other way it could be.

In the midst of our efforts to bolster self-image~if these efforts go against a long-held habit of self-defeat~all of a sudden we may find ourselves thinking, "I have a right to be any way I want to be," or "This self-renewal stuff is all fantasy. I am what I am and will always be that way."

Self-pity often rears its ugly head in defense of old habits. This ingrained spoiler may seductively tell us, "Poor me. I had it so bad growing up, I have an excuse for not trying," or "I just wasn't born with many gifts. Other people have a much easier time than I, so if I try to be better, I will only fail." Old habits die hard. Resistance is to be expected, seen for what it is~and counterresisted. ♥

Self-pity and despair are the bodyguards of long-enthroned habits.

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