September 15, 2012

Beware of Your Expectations

Beware of your expectations for they become your reality. ~Elita Darby

Safeguarding our valuable only makes sense. Our homes, our families, our reputations are precious beyond price. Perhaps no valuable, however, needs more careful safeguarding than the integrity of our thoughts. For our habitual thoughts become reality.

If we allow ourselves, no matter how subconsciously, to mindlessly assume that the world's ways are predictable, fair, or controllable, then every knock that jostles us will be interpreted as a startling personal attack. We can easily see ourselves as victims of life rather than as participants.

If, however, we make sure to keep a balanced grasp of reality, many of the inconveniences, slights, and absurdities of life will be seen as just that: life as it is. Many, perhaps most, of the things that happen are not necessarily personal. Not necessarily pointed directly at us. When we expect life to be anything but what it is, we set ourselves up for unnecessary disappointment. ♥

My vision of life as it should be is rarely the same as life as it is. ♥

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