August 7, 2012

Think Positive Thoughts

If a person is thinking according to the mind of Christ, what will his thoughts be like? They will be positive, that's for sure.


Enough can never be said about the power of being positive. God is positive, and if you and I want to flow with Him, we must get on the same wave length and begin to think positively.


Being an all around positive person.

Have a positive outlook and attitude. Maintain positive thoughts and expectations. Engage in positive conversation.

Jesus certainly displayed a positive outlook and attitude. He endured many difficulties including personal attacks~being lied about, being deserted by His disciples when He needed them most, being made fun of, being lonely, misunderstood, and a host of other discouraging things. Yet in the midst of all these negatives He remained positive. He always had an uplifting comment, an encouraging word; He always gave hope to all those He came near.

The mind of Christ in us is positive; therefore, any time we get negative, we are not operating with the mind of Christ. Millions of people suffer from depression, and I do not think it is possible to be depressed without being negative~unless the cause is medical. Even in that case, being negative will only increase the problem and its symptoms.

According to Psalm 3:3, God is our glory and lifter of our heads. He wants to lift everything: our hopes, our attitudes, our moods, our head, hands and heart~our whole life. He is our divine Lifter!

God wants to lift us up, and the devil wants to press us down. Satan uses the negative events and situations of our life to depress us. The dictionary definition of the word depress is "to lower in spirits: SADDEN." According to Webster, something that is depressed is "sunk below the surrounding region: HOLLOW." Depress means to sink, to press down or to hold below ground level. We regularly have the opportunity to think negative thoughts, but they will only press us down further. Being negative won't solve our problems; it will only add to them.

H/T: Joyce Meyer: Battlefield of the Mind

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