August 18, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Fun

These are pictures my SIL took today of the girls at the Children's Museum. The museum is doing a special feature on The Wizard of Oz. This is right up Fiona's alley because she is very interested in tornadoes, hurricanes, and weather systems. Her favorite channel on Television is the Weather Channel. Every day when she wakes up she asks me to show her what the temperatures will be for the day so she can dress accordingly. She likes to track thunderstorms too.

I know the girls are having a blast with their Aunt and Cousins. They got to spend the night at their house last night. This afternoon they went to lunch at a favorite Sushi restaurant here in town. My kids Love Sushi. My husband told me this time around at the restaurant they experimented with Wasabi. 

YU-UM for Sushi!!! 
YI-IKES for Wasabi!!! 

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