August 19, 2012

My Homework is Complete :)

The girls are all set for their first day of school tomorrow. They were in bed by 8 with a book, lights out at 8:30 pm. I think they were tired because they fell asleep right away. They are also very excited about tomorrow. I am, too. :)

I got all my homework done tonight. I had lots of papers to fill out and a few checks to write multiplied by 2. Had to go over forms from last year to make sure all the information was correct including all our emergency contact information. It all looked good to me! :)

We got their yearbooks ordered, student directory info filled out, birthday club fun for the library completed, and lunches purchased. The girls want to take their lunches to school from home as well as order their lunches in the school cafeteria. They get to pick! :)

I am also aware of their curriculum at school so I will be picking up a few extra things so we can begin getting all of that under our belt and then some...cuz that's how we roll. :)

Oh...Don took them both to get hair cuts yesterday. Their new hair styles are super cute. I will take pictures in the morning and then post them after they get dropped off at school. I don't think Kinsley will complain that she has a rats nest any more. Fiona decided to let her bangs grow out so hers is super cute, too. :)

Off to bed I go! I hope I can sleep. I think I'm more excited than they are. :)

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