August 19, 2012

My Experiences with Good People :)

There was a piece of reality that I never wanted to see: I loved someone who couldn't be trusted. Again and again I suffered the disappointment of broken promises, contradictions, and outright lies. Each time, I felt crushed, betrayed, outraged. Nevertheless, hours or sometimes days later, I put the incidents out of my mind. When the next promise was made, I trusted without hesitation and with my whole heart. 

I continue to find it hard to accept that I can't trust the promises of someone I love. Yet I see that most of my heartache has come from my own refusal to accept reality. Today I trust my experiences more than the inconsistent words of others. 

I'm learning not to depend on someone who has been consistently untrustworthy, but at the same time realizing that that is no excuse to give up on the whole human race. Facing reality means accepting that many of my experiences with good people demonstrate that there are people upon whom I can rely. 

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