August 23, 2012

It's All You Sweetheart! :)

I received the nicest compliment today from Fiona's teacher about how helpful she is throughout the day at school. Fiona was standing right there when the teacher explained how extremely thoughtful and helpful she is and then gave me the example of how she picked up all the paper towels on the bathroom floor to help keep it picked up without be asked.

The expression on Fiona's face was filled with shock and surprise as I don't think she was expecting her teacher to say such nice things about her like that and certainly not in front of her Mom. I couldn't help but smile. :) I am proud of Fiona. I can't think of a single Mom out there who wouldn't want to hear lovely things about their child.

Her teacher went on to say what a great job we must be doing with her at home. This made me happy because Don and I do our best to instill these morals and values into our children. We want them to care about what's going on around them and to be part of the solution. But, I can't take credit for something that Fiona ultimately chose to do on her own without prompting from anyone. She made the choice to pick up those paper towels off the bathroom floor. So I did let the teacher know what a wonderful thing to say about my daughter but the credit doesn't belong to us....that is all Fiona. :)

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