August 14, 2012

I Spin and Twinkle Toes :)

We got all our shoe shopping done on Sunday. We had great options with buy-one-get one half off. Not bad! Even Don got in on the shoe action. I will get in on the shoe action when the kids go back to school. It will be fabulous to be able to walk into a store and shop by myself. :)

Let's see...we got all our school supplies picked up, lunch pails picked out, and now we just need to pick up a few new items of clothing, rearrange the closets, and get everything all spic and span before our last weekend prior to the first day of school.

Tomorrow we have our ice cream social. That will be fun. We will walk to school, meet the new teachers, check out the classrooms, and have some ice cream. We are also heading back to bed at night at a decent hour. That means me too if I plan to get up before the kids wake up every day.

Fiona and Kinsley crack me up. Yesterday they were having a pretty intense discussion about liberty and freedom. I wish I had been able to tape record it all. It was the neatest conversation. It's the type of interaction that has you spell-bound to the point where you don't want to say anything for fear of interrupting their brilliant young minds. :)

Hey...I took some phone photos of the girls in some of the shoes they tried on at the store on Sunday. Swing over to Facebook if you'd like to check those out. They are super cute. We didn't buy everything that they tried on and it was hilarious to see some of the shoes they tried on. Can I just say that I wish Sketchers would come out with a grown up version of twinkle toes?

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