August 11, 2012

C25K Week 2 Day 3

So...week 2 day 3 of C25k says to walk for 5 minutes, jog for 4 minutes, walk for 5 minutes, and then you're done. That's not long enough for me. I need at least a 30 minute workout.

So here's what I did:

Walked 5 min
Ran 4 min
Walked 5
Ran 4
Walked 5
Ran 4
Walked 2
Ran 1 @ 6 MPH

It's actually a pretty decent workout. I find it challenging because when I walk I speed it up. I usually start out by walking 3.5 MPH and eventually I rev it all the way up from 3.8 MPH to 4.0 MPH depending on where I am in my workout.

When I'm running I run at 5 MPH which is starting to feel a bit on the slow side for me. But, I will keep it at 5 MPH for now except for the very last minute of the workout. That's when I run that very last minute at 6 MPH.

I will probably repeat this particular workout before I move on to Week 2 Day 5. Oh and I really dig doing this all on the treadmill because it's easy on the knees.

That's where I'm at and that makes me happy!! :)

I'm also tracking it all on My Fitness Pal. Love it over there!! :)

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