August 6, 2012

A Passive Mind

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge....(Hosea 4:6)

This statement is certainly true concerning the area of passivity. Most Christians are not even familiar with the term, nor do they know how to recognize the symptoms.

Passivity is the opposite of activity. It is a dangerous problem because the Word of God clearly teaches that we must be alert, cautious and active (1 Peter 5:8)~that we are to fan the flame and stir up the gift within us. (2 Timothy 1:6)

I have read various definitions of the word "passivity," and I describe it as a lack of feeling, a lack of desire, general apathy, luke-warmness and laziness. Evil spirits are behind passivity. The devil knows that inactivity, failure to exercise the will, will spell the believer's ultimate defeat. As long as a person is moving against the devil by using his will to resist him, the enemy will not win the war. However, if he enters into a state of passivity, he is in serious trouble.

So many believers are emotionally ruled that an absence of feeling is all that is needed to stop them from doing what they have been taught to do. They praise if they feel like it, give if they feel like it, keep their word if they feel like it~and if they don't feel like it, they don't.

H/T: Joyce Meyer: Battlefield of the Mind

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