August 21, 2012

10 On Tues: VZW FREE MSG

1. VZW FREE MSG is the text message I receive whenever someone tries to call a specific number during any time minutes outside of nights and weekends.

2. The text message I get says the following: VZW FREE MSG: (such-and-such-mobile-phone-number) has reached its voice minutes allowance. It may be restricted for the remainder of the bill cycle.

3. What this means is that Parental Controls have been instituted because people can't be bothered to stay within the allotted minutes for the billing cycle.

4. Every minute used whether it's incoming or outgoing is applied toward any time minutes if you are not using the phone on nights between 9 pm and 6 am or weekends.

5. Every time you go over your any time minutes it's an additional $.45 cents p/minute. That adds up fast!

6. My husband and I share 700 minutes between us in any time minutes and we have never gone over that amount for a billing cycle.

7. If you add your children to your mobile phone account you can control how many any time minutes they are allotted before the phone starts rejecting incoming and outgoing calls.

8. Because our phone system was being abused we decided to add this parental control feature and allotted 400 of the 700 any time minutes leaving my husband and I 300 any time minutes to share between us. I think that is more than fair.

9. I'm glad we added the feature because had we not our mobile phone bill would be sky high like it it was last month.

10. The only time calls can go out or get in is at night or on weekends with the exception of making an emergency phone call. Mobile to mobile through the same company is always free.

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