August 31, 2012

It's that time of the week again

It's that time of the week me make this go viral! Thanks for participating and for your support. It means a lot. We have a flyer you can print off and pass out to your friends, too. ♥

Go, go, go, go, go, go

Go shawty, it's your birthday..

Happy Birthday Babe!!!

You're the World's GREATEST Husband!!! AND You're ALL Mine. (I LOVE that part.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ♥

Just this one day

‎"What a comfortable feeling it gives me to realize that all I have to deal with is just this one day. It makes everything so much easier!" ~One Day at a Time ♥

I will not expect too much

I will make up my mind to be cheerful every waking moment of this day. I will not expect too much; this will shield me from being annoyed at little things that don't go just the way I wanted them to. I will try to accomplish something specific, perhaps some chore I have long been putting off. I will wear a pleasant smile for everyone I meet today. ~One Day at a Time ♥

Our Attitudes and Reactions

The kind of day it is does not depend on the weather, but on our attitudes and reactions to what's happening. We can make every day a nice day. "Just for today I will be agreeable. I will look as well as I can, keep my voice low, be courteous. I won't find fault." This is bound to brighten the day, for me and everybody I meet! ~One Day at a Time ♥

The Beginning of Love

The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves and not to twist them to fit our own image. ~One Day at a Time ♥

Looking at Myself

Trying to change other people is futile, foolish, and certainly not loving. Today, instead of assuming that they are the problem, I can look at myself to see what needs changing within. ~Courage to Change

Realistic Expectations

I have often tried to change other people to suit my own desires. I knew what I needed, and if those needs weren't met, the problem was with the other person. I was looking for someone who would always be there for me but would not impose on me very much. Looking back, it's almost as if I were looking for a pet rather than a human being. Naturally, this outlook put a strain on my relationships.

I have learned there is a difference between what I expect and what I need. No one person can be all things to me.

Once again I'm faced with examining my own attitudes. What do I expect, and is that expectation realistic? Do I respect other people's individuality~or only the parts that suit my fancy? Do I appreciate what I do receive?

~Courage to Change

August 30, 2012

Mama Said Knock You Out

I'm feeling it this morning! I'm about to tap into my medium blonde! I'm gonna knock you out. I'm gonna knock you out. I'm gonna knock you out. Can you feel it? :)

Hey You! Yeah...YOU! Change YOUR Thoughts...Yes! I'm talking to YOU. You know who YOU are.

Change your thoughts and you change your world.
~Norman Vincent Peale

Fair-Weather Faith

Remember, our faith is always at its greatest point when we are in the middle of the trial, and confidence in the flesh will never endure testing. Fair-weather faith is not faith at all. ~Charles H. Spurgeon

August 29, 2012

Burdens + Chores OR Challenges + Joy

"Life can either be a burden and a chore or a challenge and a joy. One day at a time I can meet the challenges of life head-on instead of head-down." ~Courage to Change


Forgiveness doesn't come automatically - but the party who wronged you does not have to ask for forgiveness for you to give it. The party who wronged you doesn't even have to admit they made a mistake or did anything that requires forgiving. The party who wronged you doesn't even have to make amends in order for you to forgive them. Remember, forgiveness is not a gift you give to another, but rather something you do inside of yourself - for yourself.

Forgiveness IS a choice - you have to choose to forgive and let go of the pain.

Reconciliation and forgiveness are two separate things - they are not mutually exclusive. Forgiving someone does not mean you have to reconcile with that person. If the other person has wronged you so severely that you simply could not trust to allow this person in your life in any capacity - reconciliation is not possible, but forgiveness is.

Forgiving doesn't mean opening yourself back up to be hurt again.

Forgiving doesn't mean allowing the other person's behavior to continue.

For reconciliation - the other person must admit their wrongdoing and ask for forgiveness, and then they must take action to prevent that wrongdoing from happening again. Reconciliation requires both you to forgive and the other person to take action. Forgiveness on the other hand doesn't even require the other person at all.

H/T: Forgiveness - the Gift You Give Yourself

Que Sera Sera

August 28, 2012

All This Time

Beware of the Half Truth

Stand in the Light of Truth

Chances: 3 Strikes & You Are OUT!

Complicated Relationships

Great Article on the Silent Treatment

The Silent Treatment is a Form of Abuse

Abuse is Abuse

Cooling off and Ostracizing are two very different things

The Silent Treatment

Profile of an Abuser

Ethical Subjectivism

But what about ethical subjectivism? What kind of hero best exemplifies the ideal of believing that individual human beings define right and wrong? The heroes of ethical subjectivism go far beyond slackers, egocentrics, and individualists. Lived consistently, ethical subjectivism produces moral monsters, people who see no need to care about others, people who are unchecked and unaccountable to anything but personal fiat. As Beckwith and Koukl point out, "The quintessential relativist is a sociopath, one with no conscience." ~Doug Powell

Weather the Storm

It is better to weather the storm with Christ than to sail smooth waters without Him. ~J.R. Macduff

August 27, 2012

Too funny not to share w/you guys!! :)

I will not accept offense

It may not be easy at first, but if I keep reminding myself that I will not permit myself to be hurt by what anyone says or does, it can bring about an amazing change in my attitude and disposition. Whenever I feel I am being hurt by someone, I will silently refuse to take offense or take any action to retaliate. What a relief it will be to have such incidents vanish into thin air, leaving not a mark on me! I will not accept offense. ~One Day at a Time

To Take Offense

An interesting exercise, and one well worth a few moments of reflection, would be to consider the exact meaning of the phrase "to take offense." These words describe an act of willingly taking into ourselves a hurt we feel somebody intended to inflict on us. We take offense. We don't have to take it. We are free to refuse to be hurt by a spiteful remark or malicious action. So the whole matter really rests with us. The choice of accepting or rejecting an offense is ours alone. ~One Day at a Time

August 25, 2012

Lost Another Tooth

Kinsley lost her tooth yesterday at school. She has decided to hang on to it so she can show it to her Grandma! I can't wait to see what her note to the tooth fairy will say. Fiona kept telling her how cute she looks without her tooth. She does look pretty cute. :)

Quietness is a Great Ally

"Quietness is a great ally, my friend. As long as I keep my poise, I will do nothing to make bad matters worse."

Take It Easy

It may take a bit of self-control to back away from conflict and confusion. But it's wonderful protection for my peace of mind. Unless I can say or do something to quell the storm, I'll only be inflicting punishment on myself. And each little battle I win~with myself~makes the next one easier. Take it easy, for easy does it. It will all seem much less important tomorrow! ~One Day at a Time

Easy Does It

Have I ever accomplished anything good while my emotions were churning with hysteria? Am I aware that reacting on impulse~saying the first thing that pops into my head~defeats my own purposes? I couldn't lose by stopping to think: Easy does it. Wouldn't any crisis shrink to manageable size if I could wait a little while to figure out what is best to do? Unless I'm sure I'm pouring oil on troubled waters, and not on a raging fire, it might be best to do and say nothing until things calm down. Easy does it. ~One Day at a Time

August 24, 2012

Great Benefit and Fundraiser!!!

Mark your calendars and let’s make it happen! Thanks for sharing w/your peeps!

Truth is Light

Truth is light, and the Bible says that the darkness has never overpowered the light, and it never will. ~Joyce Meyer

STOP Making Exccuses

Something in your past~a person, event or circumstance that hurt you~may be the source of your wrong attitude and behavior, but don't allow it to become an excuse to stay that way. ~Joyce Meyer

August 23, 2012


On June 16, 2011 a family member was killed as a result of domestic violence. In September there will be a benefit to help raise money for the kids. Please message me for more details. Thank You! ♥


It's All You Sweetheart! :)

I received the nicest compliment today from Fiona's teacher about how helpful she is throughout the day at school. Fiona was standing right there when the teacher explained how extremely thoughtful and helpful she is and then gave me the example of how she picked up all the paper towels on the bathroom floor to help keep it picked up without be asked.

The expression on Fiona's face was filled with shock and surprise as I don't think she was expecting her teacher to say such nice things about her like that and certainly not in front of her Mom. I couldn't help but smile. :) I am proud of Fiona. I can't think of a single Mom out there who wouldn't want to hear lovely things about their child.

Her teacher went on to say what a great job we must be doing with her at home. This made me happy because Don and I do our best to instill these morals and values into our children. We want them to care about what's going on around them and to be part of the solution. But, I can't take credit for something that Fiona ultimately chose to do on her own without prompting from anyone. She made the choice to pick up those paper towels off the bathroom floor. So I did let the teacher know what a wonderful thing to say about my daughter but the credit doesn't belong to us....that is all Fiona. :)

Cute Little Tomato :)


Yesterday after we got the kids signed up for AWANA we stopped by Sam's Club to pick up a few things. One of the things I was determined to purchase was Kleenex for Fiona and Kinsley's classrooms. 

On the first day of school I asked each teacher what was the one thing they needed that they always seem to run out of during the school year. They both said: Kleenex. So Kleenex was what we picked up!

I can't imagine a classroom running out of Kleenex, can you? I can't imagine a classroom not having any Kleenex for the kids or the teachers, can you?

Their teachers were so happy to get that Kleenex, too. Fiona and Kinsley were excited to be able to do that for their teachers and their classmates. Those little pallets of Kleenex are only $12.00 at Sam's Club.

Impatience: Sign of Pride

Impatience is a sign of pride and the only answer to pride is humility. ~Joyce Meyer

Importance of Patience and Endurance

For you have need of steadfast patience and endurance, so that you may perform and fully accomplish the will of God, and thus receive and carry away [and enjoy to the full] what is promised. ~Hebrews 10:36 AMP 

This Scripture tells us that without patience and endurance we will not receive the promises of God. And Hebrews 6:12 (KJV) tells us that it is only through faith and patience that we inherit the promises.

The proud man runs in the strength of his own flesh and tries to make things happen in his own timing. Pride says, "I'm ready now!" 

Humility says, "God knows best, and He will not be late!"

A humble man waits patiently; he actually has a "reverential fear" of moving in the strength of his own flesh. But a proud man tries one thing after another, all to no avail. 

~Joyce Meyer 

A Humble Person

A humble person will not display an impatient attitude. 

Impatience is the Fruit of Pride

Impatience is the fruit of pride. A proud person cannot seem to wait for anything with the proper attitude. Patience is not the ability to wait, it is the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. We need to learn to enjoy where we are while we are on our way to where we are going! ~Joyce Meyer (She BLOWS My Mind!)

Thorns, Splinters, Infections & Poison

If a sharp THORN or a SPLINTER pierces my hand, what do I do? I remove it as quickly as I can. Surely I wouldn't leave it there, hurting me, until it festered and sent its INFECTION throughout my body. Yet what do I do with the THORNS of resentment and hatred when they pierce my thoughts? Do I leave them there and watch them grow, while I suffer increasingly from the pain? True, resentment and hatred are more difficult to pull out of our thoughts than the physical THORN from a finger, but so much depends upon it that I will do my best to eliminate them, before their POISON can spread. ~One Day at a Time

Streams in the Desert

Restore our fortunes, LORD, as streams renew the desert. Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy. They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest. ~Psalm 126:4-6 NLT ♥

No Matter Your Circumstance

It is true that God helps those who help themselves, but He also helps those who are helpless. So no matter your circumstance, you can depend on Him every time. Waiting on God brings us to the end of our journey much faster than our feet. Many an opportunity is lost while we deliberate after He has said, "Move!" ~Streams in the Desert

August 22, 2012

My Trip to the Doc

I'm down to three Synthroid 100 MCG tablets. Hmm, I guess it's time for me to see my Doc! On the way to see my Doc today this song came on the radio:

How Ironic!! I like it!! I think I'll add it to my playlist!! This would be a good song to run at 6 MPH. I can totally do that!!

Back to my Doc appointment...

It's good to be reminded about our flu shots. I'll have to remember to make our appointment some time towards the end of September.

Had a good chat with my Doc. I really dig him. He is no nonsense and straight to the point. All around great guy!! He makes checking up on my health super easy. He felt my thyroid to make sure it wasn't enlarged (it's not!) and ordered my blood draw. The nurse took my blood pressure (it's great!) and sent that off for my thyroid levels check and my cholesterol check. My Doc then filled out a new prescription for my Synthroid and I am good to go! Easy Peasy!

On the way to the Pharmacy this song came on the radio:

How Ironic!! I like it!! I think I'll add it to my playlist!! That makes 2 good songs to run to at 6 MPH. Whoo-Hoo!!

August 21, 2012

10 On Tues: VZW FREE MSG

1. VZW FREE MSG is the text message I receive whenever someone tries to call a specific number during any time minutes outside of nights and weekends.

2. The text message I get says the following: VZW FREE MSG: (such-and-such-mobile-phone-number) has reached its voice minutes allowance. It may be restricted for the remainder of the bill cycle.

3. What this means is that Parental Controls have been instituted because people can't be bothered to stay within the allotted minutes for the billing cycle.

4. Every minute used whether it's incoming or outgoing is applied toward any time minutes if you are not using the phone on nights between 9 pm and 6 am or weekends.

5. Every time you go over your any time minutes it's an additional $.45 cents p/minute. That adds up fast!

6. My husband and I share 700 minutes between us in any time minutes and we have never gone over that amount for a billing cycle.

7. If you add your children to your mobile phone account you can control how many any time minutes they are allotted before the phone starts rejecting incoming and outgoing calls.

8. Because our phone system was being abused we decided to add this parental control feature and allotted 400 of the 700 any time minutes leaving my husband and I 300 any time minutes to share between us. I think that is more than fair.

9. I'm glad we added the feature because had we not our mobile phone bill would be sky high like it it was last month.

10. The only time calls can go out or get in is at night or on weekends with the exception of making an emergency phone call. Mobile to mobile through the same company is always free.

What Corrupts Character?

Self-esteem is totally relative to integrity. When integrity is defended, self-esteem is enhanced. When integrity is compromised, character suffers, and self-esteem is the first casualty.

The dictionary tells us that integrity is unimpaired wholeness, or incorruptibility. What corrupts character? In a nutshell, it is always dishonesty, on one form or another. That makes the solution obvious, doesn't it? All we have to do is to get honest with ourselves.

The problem is that getting honest can be traumatic. Many of the thinking and behavior patterns that erode character are the selfsame patterns that have made us feel safe. They are the thoughts and deeds we thought we needed to survive. Perhaps all our lives we have used these dishonesties to get approval, acceptance, and what we imagined was our best shot at intimacy.

Many people are now struggling with self-esteem because they habitually agree when they want to object, smile when they want to cry, work when they want and need to play. These are dishonest behaviors. No matter what benefits they may have provided, we have to confront them now as the liabilities they have become.

Self-honesty is displayed in actions, not words. 

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved. ~Helen Keller

August 20, 2012

Their Favorite Part of the Day

Kinsley's favorite part of the day was using her locker and making new friends. Fiona's favorite part of the day was the whole day. :)

Back to School

Just dropped the kiddos off at school a little while ago. I got to hang out with them all summer. Fiona wanted me to walk her to class. Kinsley couldn't get in her class fast enough but she did hug me. Trying not to cry.

My 3rd Grader 

My 1st Grader 

Strike a Pose! :)

For the Love of Sisters! 

Kinsley 6 

Fiona 8 


August 19, 2012

My Homework is Complete :)

The girls are all set for their first day of school tomorrow. They were in bed by 8 with a book, lights out at 8:30 pm. I think they were tired because they fell asleep right away. They are also very excited about tomorrow. I am, too. :)

I got all my homework done tonight. I had lots of papers to fill out and a few checks to write multiplied by 2. Had to go over forms from last year to make sure all the information was correct including all our emergency contact information. It all looked good to me! :)

We got their yearbooks ordered, student directory info filled out, birthday club fun for the library completed, and lunches purchased. The girls want to take their lunches to school from home as well as order their lunches in the school cafeteria. They get to pick! :)

I am also aware of their curriculum at school so I will be picking up a few extra things so we can begin getting all of that under our belt and then some...cuz that's how we roll. :)

Oh...Don took them both to get hair cuts yesterday. Their new hair styles are super cute. I will take pictures in the morning and then post them after they get dropped off at school. I don't think Kinsley will complain that she has a rats nest any more. Fiona decided to let her bangs grow out so hers is super cute, too. :)

Off to bed I go! I hope I can sleep. I think I'm more excited than they are. :)

My Experiences with Good People :)

There was a piece of reality that I never wanted to see: I loved someone who couldn't be trusted. Again and again I suffered the disappointment of broken promises, contradictions, and outright lies. Each time, I felt crushed, betrayed, outraged. Nevertheless, hours or sometimes days later, I put the incidents out of my mind. When the next promise was made, I trusted without hesitation and with my whole heart. 

I continue to find it hard to accept that I can't trust the promises of someone I love. Yet I see that most of my heartache has come from my own refusal to accept reality. Today I trust my experiences more than the inconsistent words of others. 

I'm learning not to depend on someone who has been consistently untrustworthy, but at the same time realizing that that is no excuse to give up on the whole human race. Facing reality means accepting that many of my experiences with good people demonstrate that there are people upon whom I can rely. 

Hands Off

When someone we love is in trouble, we may try to control or at least curb the trouble-causing behavior. With the sincerest wish for their welfare, we throw out their liquor or hide the doughnuts when we see them coming. Our justification is that "we're only trying to help," and well might that be. But we enter a gray area when we try to manipulate reality on someone else's behalf.

Of course, we care about our loved ones and feel genuine concern when we see them heading for a fall. But caring and caretaking aren't the same thing. For our own emotional well-being, "hands off" other adults' lives is usually the best policy.

More often than not people are doing what they choose to do. We can influence, but they choose. Better than rearranging the environment, we can offer loving advice and then let the subject drop. Our loved ones will do what they want to do anyway. If their unwise choices finally bring them down, we can be there for them. At least we won't have ruined the relationship by nagging and manipulation.

The calisthenics for self-esteem do not include manipulation. 

Whatever needs to be maintained through force is doomed. 
~Henry Miller

August 18, 2012

Two More OCM Pics

That looks like a tornado chamber. I'm guessing that you can step inside and experience what it might be like to be inside of a real tornado. Pretty cool! :) 

Saturday Afternoon Fun

These are pictures my SIL took today of the girls at the Children's Museum. The museum is doing a special feature on The Wizard of Oz. This is right up Fiona's alley because she is very interested in tornadoes, hurricanes, and weather systems. Her favorite channel on Television is the Weather Channel. Every day when she wakes up she asks me to show her what the temperatures will be for the day so she can dress accordingly. She likes to track thunderstorms too.

I know the girls are having a blast with their Aunt and Cousins. They got to spend the night at their house last night. This afternoon they went to lunch at a favorite Sushi restaurant here in town. My kids Love Sushi. My husband told me this time around at the restaurant they experimented with Wasabi. 

YU-UM for Sushi!!! 
YI-IKES for Wasabi!!! 

Our Sweetheart Sushi

I love this dog. She is a sweetheart. She's been looking for the girls ever since we got home last night. She's not used to them being gone.

I've been doing laundry all day, cleaning out rooms, cleaning out closets, laundering sheets, comforters, and curtains. Sushi loves it when I dump a batch of newly dried blankets on the bed. They are nice and comfy cozy warm straight from the dryer. She loves it! I throw a warm blanket on top of her and she disappears underneath. Who could blame her? It's laundry heaven for a dog as small and shivery as Sushi.

She's been following me around the house watching me dig through stuff, bag stuff up, and throw stuff out. The weather kind of matches the activity. It's definitely fall weather with a little bit of rain mixed in with clouds. It's been a long time since we've had that and I am grateful for it. 

August 17, 2012

Meet the Teacher Ice Cream Social

It's been an eventful week

Took the girls swimming on Wednesday and had a blast! My SIL came and met me there with my niece and nephews after school. The schools in her district get out a bit early on Wednesdays compared to other days of the week so there was plenty of time to hang out and enjoy each other's company. Our kids are at the age where you can let them run-a-muck at the pool. They lived on the tall water slides and we lived in the grass soaking up the sun. When we first got to the pool the lifeguard kind of looked at Kinsley sideways when she expressed an interest in the very high slides. They measured her and she was almost to the top of the hight requirement. When I told them she was in level 4 swimming through the city and diving off the high board he immediately okay'd the high slides. Kinsley was very happy about that! Her and her youngest cousin kept going on the high slides over and over again. It's always a fun time with the cousins. 

Took the girls school-clothes-shopping yesterday at a department store close to where we live. I happen to like this department store because they are always sending me coupons and discounts galore around this time of the year. The girls love shopping with me and I have it down to a fine art so I can really enjoy shopping with them, too. We are in 6x - 8 girls pants and 6x - 10 shirts. It kind of depends on the style because some sizes are different in certain styles. One thing my girls are not a fan of - skinny jeans. Skinny jeans tend to get smaller around the ankles and they really don't feel comfortable in those. I can't say that I blame them. It was nice getting all that shopping done while the rest of the area was in school. We don't start school until Monday. 

Took the girls to our "Meet the Teacher Ice Cream Social" last night. This is where the kids get to check out their new classrooms and meet their new teachers. We always enjoy this and it makes the first morning at school a smooth transition. This year we have a 3rd and 1st grader. They are excited to be heading back to school on Monday. I'm excited for them! I especially like the fact that they get to experience the things that make learning so much fun. We always stop by their Kindergarten Teacher's classroom so they can hug her and share their news with her. Their Kindergarten Teacher is so good at what she does. She is truly gifted in that any child that has her for Kindergarten is excited to be in school. It's good for kids to have that positive foundation because if their first experiences with school can be joyful, productive, and fun then it makes them want to be in school and take instruction from other adults, develop their communication skills and study habits, as well as their friendships and activities. It's going to be fun to see what extra curricular activities they will ask us about. I'm just overall excited!!! We love school days!!! 

Tonight the girls are going over to their Aunt and Uncle's house to spend the night with their cousins. They are super excited about this and so are we. While they are spending the night with their cousins their Dad and I will be enjoying a date-night! We are looking forward to that. We'll probably go out to dinner and a movie. One other fun thing we like to do on date-night is hit the book store at a late hour. Do you know how much fun it is to dig through a book store without your kids? Ahh...I can't wait! 

August 14, 2012

I Spin and Twinkle Toes :)

We got all our shoe shopping done on Sunday. We had great options with buy-one-get one half off. Not bad! Even Don got in on the shoe action. I will get in on the shoe action when the kids go back to school. It will be fabulous to be able to walk into a store and shop by myself. :)

Let's see...we got all our school supplies picked up, lunch pails picked out, and now we just need to pick up a few new items of clothing, rearrange the closets, and get everything all spic and span before our last weekend prior to the first day of school.

Tomorrow we have our ice cream social. That will be fun. We will walk to school, meet the new teachers, check out the classrooms, and have some ice cream. We are also heading back to bed at night at a decent hour. That means me too if I plan to get up before the kids wake up every day.

Fiona and Kinsley crack me up. Yesterday they were having a pretty intense discussion about liberty and freedom. I wish I had been able to tape record it all. It was the neatest conversation. It's the type of interaction that has you spell-bound to the point where you don't want to say anything for fear of interrupting their brilliant young minds. :)

Hey...I took some phone photos of the girls in some of the shoes they tried on at the store on Sunday. Swing over to Facebook if you'd like to check those out. They are super cute. We didn't buy everything that they tried on and it was hilarious to see some of the shoes they tried on. Can I just say that I wish Sketchers would come out with a grown up version of twinkle toes?

August 11, 2012

C25K Week 2 Day 3

So...week 2 day 3 of C25k says to walk for 5 minutes, jog for 4 minutes, walk for 5 minutes, and then you're done. That's not long enough for me. I need at least a 30 minute workout.

So here's what I did:

Walked 5 min
Ran 4 min
Walked 5
Ran 4
Walked 5
Ran 4
Walked 2
Ran 1 @ 6 MPH

It's actually a pretty decent workout. I find it challenging because when I walk I speed it up. I usually start out by walking 3.5 MPH and eventually I rev it all the way up from 3.8 MPH to 4.0 MPH depending on where I am in my workout.

When I'm running I run at 5 MPH which is starting to feel a bit on the slow side for me. But, I will keep it at 5 MPH for now except for the very last minute of the workout. That's when I run that very last minute at 6 MPH.

I will probably repeat this particular workout before I move on to Week 2 Day 5. Oh and I really dig doing this all on the treadmill because it's easy on the knees.

That's where I'm at and that makes me happy!! :)

I'm also tracking it all on My Fitness Pal. Love it over there!! :)

Friday Night Fun

Took this picture at Runza yesterday.

I spilled DP all over myself. Someone forgot to make sure the lid was on the cup all the way. It was actually pretty funny. I could not stop laughing at myself. :)

After dinner we went back home so I could change my sticky clothes to dry ones. Then we hit the road again headed to Walmart to pick up school supplies! I love school supply shopping.

Fiona picked out a new purple butterfly backpack for school. It's really pretty and sweet! Kinsley tried on one or two and decided she didn’t want a new backpack. She said she was perfectly happy with her Selena Gomez backpack from Kindergarten. Way to recycle Kinsley!

She almost picked out an LA Ink backpack. Kat Von D vs.

August 8, 2012

I didn't fall off the turnip truck

Have you ever tried to talk to someone who is higher than a kite? It's a very sad story my friend.

Swimming and School on the Brain

Had a great day yesterday. We packed up the beach bag, loaded up the van, and went swimming all afternoon. We do this about every other day. My girls LOVE to swim!

We are excited about school starting soon. We got their class assignments and their school supply list in the mail last week. They are super excited and cannot wait to find out who their teachers and classmates will be. My girls LOVE school and I am happy about that!

It will be fun to see what a 3rd and 1st grader will get into this year at school. It's neat to see their interests develop as they grow. I've never seen two kids so excited to buy school supplies! Let the back-to-school shopping begin!

August 7, 2012

Think Positive Thoughts

If a person is thinking according to the mind of Christ, what will his thoughts be like? They will be positive, that's for sure.


Enough can never be said about the power of being positive. God is positive, and if you and I want to flow with Him, we must get on the same wave length and begin to think positively.


Being an all around positive person.

Have a positive outlook and attitude. Maintain positive thoughts and expectations. Engage in positive conversation.

Jesus certainly displayed a positive outlook and attitude. He endured many difficulties including personal attacks~being lied about, being deserted by His disciples when He needed them most, being made fun of, being lonely, misunderstood, and a host of other discouraging things. Yet in the midst of all these negatives He remained positive. He always had an uplifting comment, an encouraging word; He always gave hope to all those He came near.

The mind of Christ in us is positive; therefore, any time we get negative, we are not operating with the mind of Christ. Millions of people suffer from depression, and I do not think it is possible to be depressed without being negative~unless the cause is medical. Even in that case, being negative will only increase the problem and its symptoms.

According to Psalm 3:3, God is our glory and lifter of our heads. He wants to lift everything: our hopes, our attitudes, our moods, our head, hands and heart~our whole life. He is our divine Lifter!

God wants to lift us up, and the devil wants to press us down. Satan uses the negative events and situations of our life to depress us. The dictionary definition of the word depress is "to lower in spirits: SADDEN." According to Webster, something that is depressed is "sunk below the surrounding region: HOLLOW." Depress means to sink, to press down or to hold below ground level. We regularly have the opportunity to think negative thoughts, but they will only press us down further. Being negative won't solve our problems; it will only add to them.

H/T: Joyce Meyer: Battlefield of the Mind

August 6, 2012

Mind Your Own Business


Doing things for other people

Are your fists clenched?

No man can think clearly when his fists are clenched. ~George Jean Nathan


The condition of passivity can be overcome. ~Joyce Meyer

Empty Space is a Place!

In no particular order

An empty, passive mind can be easily filled with all kinds of wrong thoughts.

A believer who has a passive mind and who does not resist these wrong thoughts often takes them as his own thoughts.

One way to keep wrong thoughts out of your mind is to keep your mind full of right thoughts.

An individual can cast down imaginations repeatedly, but they will always come right back until he learns to fill up the empty space with right thinking.

There are aggressive sins, or sins of commission, and there are passive sins, which are sins of omission. In other words, there are wrong things that we do, and there are right things that we don't do. For example, a relationship can be destroyed by the omission of kind words of appreciation that should have been spoken but never were.

A passive person thinks he is doing nothing wrong because he is doing nothing. Confronted with his error, he will say, "I didn't do anything!" His analysis is correct, but his behavior is not. The problem arose precisely because he did nothing.

H/T: Joyce Meyer: Battlefield of the Mind

A Passive Mind

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge....(Hosea 4:6)

This statement is certainly true concerning the area of passivity. Most Christians are not even familiar with the term, nor do they know how to recognize the symptoms.

Passivity is the opposite of activity. It is a dangerous problem because the Word of God clearly teaches that we must be alert, cautious and active (1 Peter 5:8)~that we are to fan the flame and stir up the gift within us. (2 Timothy 1:6)

I have read various definitions of the word "passivity," and I describe it as a lack of feeling, a lack of desire, general apathy, luke-warmness and laziness. Evil spirits are behind passivity. The devil knows that inactivity, failure to exercise the will, will spell the believer's ultimate defeat. As long as a person is moving against the devil by using his will to resist him, the enemy will not win the war. However, if he enters into a state of passivity, he is in serious trouble.

So many believers are emotionally ruled that an absence of feeling is all that is needed to stop them from doing what they have been taught to do. They praise if they feel like it, give if they feel like it, keep their word if they feel like it~and if they don't feel like it, they don't.

H/T: Joyce Meyer: Battlefield of the Mind

August 5, 2012

Two Huge Lies

Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone's lifestyle, you must fear them or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don't have to compromise convictions to be compassionate. ~Rick Warren

Live and Let Live

Live and let live. A whole philosophy of life is condensed into these four words. First we are admonished to live~to live fully, richly, happily, and to fulfill our destiny with the joy that comes from doing well whatever we do. Then comes a more difficult admonition: Let live. This means acknowledging the right of every other human being to live as he wants to, without criticism or judgment from us. It rules out contempt for those who do not think as we do. It warns against resentment; tells us to avoid construing other people's actions as intentional injuries to us.

August 4, 2012

No Thank You!

I've been reading this neat book called "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer. It is really good! In the book she says: We have already established that faith is the gift of God, so we know that we have faith. (Romans 12:3.) But doubt is a choice. It is the devil's warfare tactic against our minds. Since you can choose your own thoughts, when doubt comes you should learn to recognize it for what it is, say "No, thank you"~and keep on believing! The choice is yours!

Hanging at the Pool with the Cousins

I had the best time on Monday at the pool with my Family! The kiddos had a blast! I can't wait to do it again! :)