July 28, 2012

Go Team USA! Did you watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics?

I took this picture and am pretty proud of the fact that the Olympic swim trials took place right here in Omaha, Nebraska. 

We sat up all evening watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London. It's a historic moment and we had our girls watch it with us. 

God save the Queen! Loved hearing the children sing that song. My ancestors are from Wales which reflects my former maiden name which is now my middle name. (Yes, when Don and I were married I made my maiden name my official middle name since I didn't actually have a middle name.) My Aunt on my Dad's side of the family belongs to the Mayflower Society and well...I don't think I have to explain that it means my ancestors came over on the Mayflower. 

Then there is the first country that entered the stadium: GREECE. (Yes, I'm half Greek) My mother was born and raised in Greece. I had grandparents over there, great aunts and uncles, two uncles, two aunts, and five cousins in Thessaloniki as well as Kavala, Greece.) So...I get a little excited when I see that Greece is the first country to enter the stadium!!! 

Back to the Queen...I loved the James Bond entrance. I thought that was kick ass!!! It made me smile. For a second there I really believed that the Queen had parachuted her way into the Olympic Opening Ceremony.  

Now I wasn't all that sure about Team USA's outfits...but I am proud of Team USA and proud of my country. I hope we win lots of medals. My first reaction to our uniforms was that we didn't look like we were from the USA at all. It made me think of the Chronicles of Narnia. Go figure!? I didn't think they were all that modern either. When I found out they were Ralph-Lauren-made-in-China uniforms all I could think of was, "Isn't everything made in China any more?" That's a pretty sad truth of it and it won't change I don't think with all the money that the United States owes China but I digress. 

Then this morning I woke up and discovered that NBC had done a horrible thing to all Americans. I am very disgruntled with NBC as a result of their huge error! They completely omitted the terrorist Victim Tribute from the opening ceremony so that we could watch Ryan Seacrest's interview of Michael Phelps. I am so incredibly upset by this. NBC does not deserve to cover the Olympics - at all.


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