July 6, 2012

C25K Week 1 Day 5

I can feel my butt getting smaller. :)

I almost forgot Day 3 because of the 4th of July but then remembered it before Uncle Brian came over and decided to hop on the treadmill and knock it out the park. It's all good.

Yesterday was a resting day and today was Day 5 only the time changed just a tad bit. Instead of walking for 5 minutes, jogging for 2, and walking for 5...I jogged for 3 minutes.

I do workout for at least 30 minutes with my improvising and that seems to work out. It's a hard core workout for me because I am jogging at 5 mph every time I'm set to run. So far it seems to be working out and I seem to be making it through.

Running a song and walking a song and then walking up an incline is building up my endurance.

Now the instructions say that I'm supposed to rest for the next 2 days. So that's what I'll do...rest.

Here's how it went down this week

C25K = 12 min & 90 calories burned
T-Time = 18 min & 175 calories burned

C25K = 12 min & 87 calories burned
T-Time = 18 min & 166 calories burned

Friday (That's today)
C25K = 13 min & 101 calories burned
T-Time = 17 min & 170 calories burned

Not too shabby for my first week.

The tops of my calves are feeling it and the tops of my legs right underneath my butt is feeling it. It makes me feel like my butt is getting smaller. Whoo-Hoo!!!

Until next time...Happy C25K!!! :)

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