July 17, 2012

10 On Tues: Swimming

Kinsley was trying to be artistic. ♥

Ahhhhhhhh ♥

Fiona 8 ♥ Kinsley 6 :)

Go Kinsley! Go Kinsley! :)

Fiona wanted to do the jump together. ♥

Splish Splash ♥

Hang on Mom! ♥

Fiona was the photographer ♥

OOpsies ♥

Cheese! ♥

I said Cheese! ♥

For the LOVE of Sisters! ♥


  1. That pool is soooo inviting! That cool, sparkling water makes me want to dive straight in! Best childhood memories are always connected to summer time swimming!! R

  2. We LOVE being at the swimming pool in the summer time! Thank you R! :]


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