June 6, 2012

Summertime Gardening

Remember when Fiona and Kinsley were that little? This picture was taken summer 2008. Fiona is 4 and Kinsley is 2 years old in this picture. Pretty cute, eh? Well...you see those Zinnias back there? They are the very tall ones. The patch of dirt in the front yard gets full sun and these flower thrive in the summertime. You can cut off the dead blooms two and three times and they will give you new blooms through the fall. That's the look I am going for this year. I also planted some perennials from seed as well as some perennial plants I picked up from the store. 

This is what the tall Zinnias attract...small birds and BUTTERFLIES. 


This was the end result of my hard work gardening on Sunday. It seems pretty bare now but just you wait and see what will happen. By the time summer is over it will all be overgrown. 

Don planted these tomatoes from seed with the girls. They were from a packet of seeds that were at least two years old. He didn't think they would work out but I guess the seeds had different plans.

I was experimenting with my camera again. I planted two of these plants and hopefully they will come up every year. Once they get big enough I will split them in half to get more plants going.  

Here's a shot of the front porch looking down. This will be my before picture. We'll see what happens with it as the days go by. Don has his vegetable garden going in the backyard and we are anxious to get peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers from it. I never knew how yummy vegetables were until we had our own fresh out of our own vegetable garden. 

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