June 29, 2012

Pictures from the ER

Hanging out at Children's ER day before yesterday

Kinsley leaning in a little closer. She was very worried about Fiona. 

My baby bird was in a lot of pain

That book was in our ER room. I love that book.

Fiona hurt her foot day before yesterday when we were at the swimming pool. She was trying to do the kneel dive and somehow managed to get her foot caught between the concrete of the pool and the gutter. I didn't see what happened but from the way she explained it to me it sounds like she started out on the concrete, started to do the kneel dive, and somehow got her foot caught in the gutter. Because I know my daughter so well I am imagining that she panicked and in the process of panicking really twisted the heck out of her foot. She tends to agree with me. Kinsley saw the whole thing and feels horrible for her sister. 

The X-rays from the ER are not really showing a whole lot. The way that her foot looks to me makes it seem like there is something more going on. My gut is telling me that she either has a horrible ankle sprain or something inside her foot is cracked and maybe the X-ray didn't pick it up. Today is day #3 and she is still unable to put any type of pressure on her foot. For now she is hopping around, crawling, scooting up the stairs on her butt, or riding piggy back on me or Don. 

For now we are staying away from crutches. Those things are dangerous in a house with stairs. Also, until we can better protect her foot I don't want her on crutches. The ER doc highly encouraged her to finish her last day of swimming and said that would be very good for her foot. She was doubtful at first but wound up suiting up yesterday and swimming on her last day of the 1st swim session for the summer.  

I was very proud of Fiona and Kinsley. Fiona because she stayed tough and finished up what she needed to do...Kinsley because she passed her level 3 class. Kinsley is now in the same level as Fiona and I love it! For the record level 4 is a difficult level to move out of. There are many things that need to be mastered in order to move to level 5/6. I think the fact that Fiona's little sister is coming to her phase of swimming will light a fire under her to work even harder! So I'm excited about that. We'll have to wait and see what happens with Fiona's foot though because she may not be swimming next session. 

I am waiting 7 to 10 days to see what will happen with Fiona's foot. That is what was recommended to us by Children's ER as well as our family physician. In 7 to 10 days if she is still unable to put any pressure on her foot we will give the Orthopedic specialist referred by our family physician a call and go from there. This time frame will also give Fiona's foot a chance to settle and she can rest. We are soaking our feet in warm water and keeping her foot wrapped up and elevated. 

Kinsley could not have been sweeter to her sister. The first night after we got home she leaned into my ear and whispered, "Mom...I feel very bad for Fiona." Then when Fiona was headed to bed she told her sister, "Fiona...I promise not to make fun of you tomorrow." Stinker! :)

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