June 11, 2012


To see things as they are, the eyes must be open; to see things as other than they are, they must be open even wider. To see things as better than they are, they must be open to the full. ~Antonio Machado y Ruiz

Our perceptions are like the knotholes in a fence through which we peek at life. Although the view we get is limited, what we see is the truth as much as we are able to see it. Low self-esteem is always built around a narrow, limited perception that we have mistaken for the big picture. In fact most of what we regard as real is nothing more than our perception of reality. Thus our perceptions create our reality.

Not surprisingly, our negative perceptions were almost always formed when we were too young to understand what we saw on the other side of the knothole. In our innocence and inexperience, we thought we saw the big picture, the only picture. That's why self-esteem issues are so often Adult Child issues. Both are matters of early imprinting. That imprinting may very well be interpreting reality for us today. 

What are the facts of life as we see them? If we believe that nothing good will ever happen to us, or that we are responsible for anything bad that happens to others, we need to go back to the fence and take another look. The world is wider now than it seemed to us when we were children. 

Different perceptions create different options. 

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