June 11, 2012

Our Anniversary Celebration

Hope your anniversary bubbles over with happiness! 

Happy 11th anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful evening :)
Hope you enjoyed your stay with us and we hope to see you again! 

That was a special anniversary wish from the hotel.
Nice, huh?

We ate a very YUMMY dinner together alone...with NO children!!! :) 
We had great adult conversation together alone...with NO children!!!
There were NO interruptions...
Did I mention how YUMMY the food was?

My Salad 

His Salad 
His and Hers salads!!! LOL :) 

We shared the entree.
It was big. 
The veggies were YUMMY. 
The Salmon to die for...

We had his and hers beer, too!!! :) 
He had the Hopluia.
I had the Stella Artois. 
Stella Artois is my new favorite beer on tap! 

Holding hands on our anniversary 11 years later. 
Life Is Good. 

Look what we stumbled upon?
We paid $7.00 each to Celebrate Lincoln. 
Yes! Yes we did!
BAD COMPANY was in concert!!!

Me getting my rock on! :)

Don found this great head gear. 
It lit up like a Christmas tree! 
Everyone thought it was real.

The next day...

We had a YUMMY lunch at The Bread and Cup. 
It was really good. Really. YU-UM!!! 
The name reminded me of communion. 
You know... The Bread... & The Cup. ;) 

Peanut Butter Pie for desert...
I don't think I have to tell you how good that was. 
Yes, we shared it. 

I didn't take my camera with me which is unlike me. 
All these pictures are mobile phone pics. 
I didn't feel like toting a camera around on our anniversary. 
I think I'm all pic'd out. 
The girls had a blast at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 
They were happy to see us go. 
We were happy to go. 
So many wished us a Happy Anniversary. 
It was neat to hear from folks that were in our wedding and have supported us all these years. 
One well wisher moved me to tears when they posted wishes for us on facebook. 
I was grateful. 
I Love my husband. 
He Loves me. 
We are loved. 

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