June 14, 2012

Oh Man...We had a GREAT Day!

For starters I got a good night's sleep. What a difference getting good sleep makes! I was up at 6:30 am raring to go...and I did. I had time to work on my devotionals, drink some coffee (peacefully), shower and walk the girls to the school library. We walked to and from. It was a BEAUTIFUL walk. Thank God for that! 

At the library the kids turned in their library books, checked out new library books, and each picked up a free book to keep. That's  part of the program going on right now. The kids get to pick a brand new FREE book to keep each time. WE LOVE IT! 

It's funny to watch them interact with each other. They are always discussing which book they plan to choose with one another so they don't duplicate their choices. They are so CUTE. Today the kids made a YUMMY beach craft you can eat! MAN it was good. (They shared with MOM.) 

On the way home we saw these beautiful flowers. Aren't they PRETTY? :) 

At home we made some tea, had some lunch, and then we decided it would be a GREAT day for a SWIM. :) 

Cute...Cute...Cute! :) 

They are growing so fast! They can almost wear the same clothes. Fiona is only 5 lbs bigger than Kinsley. Kinsley is sporting a size 6 swimsuit and Fiona is in a size 8. They love their new swimsuits. I had to buy them new ones because the ones from last year were faded, had saggy butts, or were too small. 

We made friends at the pool. There were lots of kids for the girls to play with and I even had an opportunity to meet someone new who I will probably run into again! We have kids in exactly the same age-ranges, too...which is nice because I don't know too many MOMS who have a twenty-something year old down to a 5 year old. So it was kinda nice to talk with someone who's been there done that. 

We were at the pool for about two-and-a-half hours. We would have stayed longer had it not been for the thunder clouds rolling in. Before we left I introduced Fiona and Kinsley to their swim instructor. They are excited to get their swim lessons going again. I AM TOO! :) 

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