June 22, 2012

In Your Face!

Don took the girls to get ice cream the other day. I had gone to a little get together with some ladies from church and they couldn't understand why they were not invited. They posed for this picture and told their Dad to tell me, "In Your Face!" They are so stinkin' cute! That ice cream looks really yummy, too. 

The first week of swim lessons was a complete success! I am excited to see what the girls will do in their second week of lessons. Fiona is diving off the diving board and Kinsley is swimming without any flotation devices in 10 feet of water. She is determined to learn how to dive, too. I think the fact that the lessons are back to back and 45 minutes each helps. They are learning new techniques every day. I am also looking forward to their swim lessons next month. Those are at the same time; so, it will allow me to work on my fitness for 45 minutes while they are swimming with their instructors. 

In addition to swim lessons we still manage to hit the library at school. Their program goes on for the entire month of June. Yesterday, the girls were able to do a craft of bubbles. They got to mix and pour their own bubble solution and make homemade bubble wands out of beads and wire. Our focus here at home this summer is to read every day, swim, go on excursions, play, and have FUN!

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