June 2, 2012

Hey! That's Me F & K

We have been through SO much this last year! So much so that our Family Counselor advised Don to take us on vacation. She said we needed to get out of town for a breather so we could rest. We took her up on that piece of advise and left the day after the kids finished school. We didn't tell the kids we were going on vacation until the afternoon that I picked them up from school. I had to tell them then because we were taking Sushi to her pet resort. (We kennel her when we go out of town.) When I told them we were going on vacation they screamed for joy. They love going on road trips with us. Well...we make it fun for them. We stop along the way, we stay in nice hotels, and we take them to fun, interesting, and educational places. Personally, I think the best way to see this great country of ours is to hit the road. The only other people that knew we would be out of town were Dan, Kim and Don's folks. I don't really think anyone else knew we were gone or even noticed and that's A-Okay with me!

BTW, gas prices are pretty LOW and reasonable in the Gulf Coast, which is where we decided to go. We stayed in The Battle House Hotel in Mobile, Alabama. Mobile was the perfect resting spot for us because it's in the middle of every place you can think of to go down there. The Battle House Hotel is a Renaissance Hotel that was established in 1851. While there we took our girls to see the USS Alabama and some pretty cool beaches! We even have some favorites that we plan to go back to. We were thinking this might turn out to be an annual trip for us. That's how much fun we had.

We used our Facebook Check-Ins and I'm really glad we did! A friend of mine who I used to work for in the Casino industry who lives in Pensacola reached out to us when they saw our check-in for that area of our trip. They came and met us for coffee and it was so nice to catch up with them while the kids played on the beach. Another check-in along Mississippi landed us a few hours with a friend of Don's who owns a radio station. He took us to lunch for some great bar-b-q and then invited us to the station where he had Fiona and Kinsley do a radio spot for the station. We had a blast and the girls loved it! Thank God for Facebook check-ins!!! It's amazing who will reach out to you along the way. Well...that's all I have for now.

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