June 2, 2012

Fun Cousin Sleepover

The kids had a 2 day sleepover and LOVED it! We enjoyed having them over. We had lots of fun; they played, and enjoyed being together. I took them to the IMAX Theater at the Henry Doorly Zoo. We watched the movie about Sharks in 3-D. I thought about taking them to the dollar theater here in town but there wasn't really anything playing that would accommodate two 6 year old kiddos, so I took them to IMAX instead. Besides, with a Henry Doorly Family Membership our entrance to IMAX is always FREE and to me, FREE is good!  

I got to be in one of the pictures thanks to my niece C! I think she did a great job taking that picture! Way to go C!

After the IMAX Theatre Presentation we went to Kingdom of the Night underneath the Dessert Dome. We decided to walk through both places. The cousins had fun participating in this adventure together. They even let me take pictures of them! J (in the middle) bribed me with ice cream in exchange for pictures! So...after dinner we all went for a walk to Burger King for some ice cream. After we had ice cream Don and the boys walked to Bakers for a few groceries and I walked home with the girls to get started on our manicures. We are lucky to live so close to a few stores because if gas prices become ridiculously high, we'll be able to get what we need by walking or riding bikes. (That reminds me...I need to pick up baskets for our bicycles.) 

Miss K

Princess F 



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