June 20, 2012

Dad of the Year!

See that man up there? 
He is a wonderful man. 
He's my best friend. 
That man is my husband. 
He has integrity. 
He is wise. 
His words are kind and loving. 
He treats others with courtesy and respect. 
He's fun to be around. 
That man is a Godly man in word and deed.
You can find the fruits of the Spirit in him. 
That man up there loves his family. 
That man loves God. 
He is a good provider. 
He loves to cook.
He loves to take us on family vacations. 
He is consistent and dependable. 
He is loyal. 
He loves his children. 
He loves their mother, me. 
He is a good listener. 
He has never once called me names. 
He has never once called his children names. 
He is the opposite of selfish. 
He is forgiving. 
He has never pointed his finger. 
He has never screamed or yelled. 
He is patient. 
He was raised by a Queen, too. 
See that man up there?
I love that man! 

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