June 29, 2012

Control in the name of Health Care - Where did my country go?

I am very disturbed by what has gone on in this country for the last 4 years. Yesterday’s ruling exposed the fact that when this health care law went to the Supreme Court it was unconstitutional. Take a look at all the states that have filed suit against this law. I thought that a health care law was supposed to be for people that don’t have health insurance. I never thought in a million years that companies stood the possibility of being penalized for the health plans that are offered to their employees. I certainly don’t think people should be fined or jailed for not wanting to purchase the Govt plan. You guys out there screaming about having choices and freedom to do as you please, I don't understand how you can be okay with this. Now we will have no competition between health insurance companies because they will all be driven into the ground because the Govt wants to control you, all of you, in the name of health care. Health care is the smoke screen and what happened yesterday is a disgrace to what the founding fathers fought to preserve.

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