June 11, 2012


The ancient Greeks' concept of excellence, which they called ARETE, had nothing to do with superiority over others, as it does in our culture. To the Greeks, excellence was achieved when people became all they could be. Accomplishing that meant finding as many balances in life as possible. Their ideal, unlike ours, was "moderation in all things."

Constantly COMPARING and COMPETING can be ruinous, especially as far as self-esteem goes. There will always be greater and lesser persons than ourselves. And COMPARISONS often lead to either ARROGANCE or BITTERNESS. Neither unholy glee in WINNING nor crushing disappointment in LOSING promotes a realistic, balanced self-concept.

What does it matter how much others do or have? If we are striving for EXCELLENCE, we are WINNING our own race. Our only opponents are our own DEFICIENCIES.

To achieve EXCELLENCE in MY LIFE is to achieve MY OWN potential. :)

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