June 12, 2012

10 On Tues: Bless Your Heart

1. I made my kids take a nap today. They really needed it. They were out of control misbehaving. It's okay to make your kids take a nap once in awhile. Sometimes I need to take a nap, too. 

2. The kids are all signed up for swim lessons. Kinsley will be in level 3 for June and July. Fiona will be in level 4 for June and level 5/6 for July. They are excited to be doing swim lessons again. 

3. I am back on track with my Fitness plan. I've got my iPod, Treadmill, Oxygen Magazines & Phone to get me through. I've also connected My Fitness Pal to my Twitter account. 

4. I just realized that I had a strange dream last night. In this dream I am in school and weird things are happening to me along the way. Going from class to class is not my cup of tea. 

5. I have no intention of returning to school at this point in time. I am thoroughly satisfied with my role and have found other alternatives to continuing my education that are more cost effective. 

6. I know who I am in Christ. I have been given fullness in Him. He loves me as I am. I talk to Him every day and He understands me. I am completely free to be myself. 

7. I enjoy networking with other bloggers. We are still going strong over on Blog Mommas. It's okay to put your blog out there. How else are you going to get more people to read your blog?

8. I'd love to grow my blogroll here on I Am Pooped. That's my list of "Blog Friends" over on my sidebar there to the right. Link me and I'll link you. :) 

9. Kinsley tried to come out of her room. I told her she could read quietly in her room if she didn't want to actually shut her eyes and sleep. That little stinker is trying to read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. 

10. My laundry is calling me. I need to move the sprinkler, too. The dishes are almost done. When Fiona wakes up we are moving her room around. Until next time...Happy 10 On Tuesday!!! 

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