May 14, 2012

Some People Are Just Plain Mean

If you’ve been dealing with a mean person at work, in your neighborhood, in your club, or in your family, the best way of handling that person is to not go up against him or her. You can’t win. You’re unequipped to deal with a mean person unless you’re equally bad. Mean people have no rules and no limits. You do. Try to avoid contact with the person. If you’ve tried to sort things out and he or she decides to keep being mean, there isn’t much you can do to influence or change his or her mind. If this person actually hates you or feels like he or she can’t lose face by dawning a different attitude, you don’t have to put up with it. Remove yourself. Don’t listen to his or her taunts, don’t read the crap he or she writes about you, and don’t have any connection to his or her spiteful attitude. Let this person know you’re not going to tolerate it and make a clean cut. Even the meanest person may get bored when his or her target stops responding.

H/T: Dr. Laura: Some People Are Just Plain Mean

Dr. Laura is one smart cookie! I admire her so much. Everything she says brings me nothing but volumes and volumes of wisdom, satisfaction, and peace. Many times when I am unsure of myself I know I can go to her blog, do a quick search, and often enough she has already written about something that has baffled me. Thank you Dr. Laura for using the gifts God gave you and bringing affirmation sprinkled with a bit of peace to my life. Your advice and wisdom is an answered prayer.

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