May 14, 2012

I had a Wonderful Mother's Day

Fiona and Kinsley presented me with this beautiful card for Mother's Day along with a bar of Hershey's Chocolate w/Almonds. Perfectly divine for Mother's Day!!! 

Inside of the card Fiona wrote, "Dear Mom...When I saw this card I thought of you because you like butterflies and the color purple! Love...Fiona." Kinsley signed the card in her own special way, too. 

Inside the card it said, "Thanks for always being there. Thanks for having faith in me, for seeing my strengths in ways I couldn't always see for myself. Thanks for listening, really listening, and for letting me make my own mistakes. Thanks for loving me the way you do...I Love YOU, too. Happy Mother's Day." 

That card was perfect for me and melted my heart as soon as I read it. Yes, I love the color purple. Yes, I love butterflies. Yes, Hershey's w/Almonds is my favorite. BUT, I don't love that stuff more than I love YOU. 

For Mother's Day we went to church. It was a Wonderful service. Don took us all out to eat at one of my favorite places. I ordered the tuna sandwich ~ YU-UM! We spent a nice relaxing afternoon at home. After dinner we walked to Burger King and enJOYed some free sundaes. Don and Fiona ordered fudge, Kinsley and I ordered the strawberry.

I got a phone call around 6 pm from Lauren wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. Better late than never. Thank you Lauren. I Love YOU, too!  

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