May 18, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

It's been a fun last week of school for the girls. In just a few short hours we will have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader! Crazy Hair Day was one of their fun themed days this week along with some fun class field trips before school breaks for summer. Some of the other fun themed days were: PJ Day, Twin Day, Blue Day & Sports Day.

Kinsley's class got to spend the afternoon in our local neighborhood park as well as ride the big yellow bus to the Zoo for a Kindergarten Field Trip. Don and I got to go as volunteers to help supervise the kids. Our group had four children and five parent volunteers. That's how many parents showed up to hang out with their kids. I think the grownups had just as much fun as the kids!

Fiona's class got to spend the afternoon in our local park, too. Her class got to ride the big yellow bus to Schramm Park for an afternoon of fun with her classmates and teachers. I made sure to spray her with sunscreen and bug spray. She wore her Nebraska Husker hat in honor of "Sports Day" today. Report cards come home today, too.

The girls also got their yearbooks this week. You can tell they attend a communications skills and electronic media magnet school because on the front of the yearbook it says, "You are the Youtube Generation! Broadcast Yourself." Then there is a picture of kids saying the pledge of allegiance on the six o'clock news. I Love it!

One thing that is different is the entire yearbook is in color. When I was a kid the yearbooks were in black and white only. Yearbooks have come a long way. At our school there are 578 students and 68 staff members. The school's motto is to be responsible, be respectful, be safe, and be kind. Those are the 4 B's. There are 5 kindergarten classes, 5 1st grade, 6 2nd grade, 5 3rd grade, and 5 4th grade classes.

There are many activities and clubs the kids can get plugged into. For example: Read to Succeed, Spelling Bee, Student Council, Fire Patrol, Student Ambassadors, Strings, and Free Spirit. The "Candids" section towards the back of the year book managed to capture all the fun programs the kids put together for their families and friends.

All in all we had a great school year and I can't wait to see what Fiona and Kinsley will do next year as 3rd and 1st graders.

Have a Great Summer!

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