April 19, 2012

High Five Fiona! :):)

I got a phone call from the nurse today. Apparently Fiona accidentally bonked her forehead against the wall in gym. She has a slightly swollen bluish bump on her forehead. The nurse automatically calls home to let us know what happened so we can assess the situation together and proceed from there. I talked with Fiona on the phone and she seemed a little sad but insisted she would be fine because she really wants to go back to class.

Way to push through the day Fiona! What a trooper. I asked her how she was feeling and told her how sorry I was that she hurt herself in gym class. I offered to come and get her but she insisted she would be okay and the nurse seemed to be okay with Fiona's decision. She got to ice her forehead for a little while and back to class she went.

Fiona brought home her fourth quarter mid-term progress report. I could not be more proud of her good work in school. She is conscientious and extremely driven. I am impressed with her performance as well as her effort.

Listening/Speaking Skills: Performance Progress=ADV, Effort Progress=O.
Multiple Literacies: Performance Progress=PRF, Effort Progress=S.
Reading/Language Arts: Performance Progress=PRF, Effort Progress=S.
Writing: Performance Progress=PRF, Effort Progress=S.
Social Studies: Performance Progress=ADV, Effort Progress=O.
Math: Performance Progress=PRF, Effort Progress=O.
Science: Performance Progress=PRF, Effort Progress=S.

Academic Performance: ADV=Advanced, PRF= Proficient, PRG=Progressing, BEG=Beginning.
Academic Effort: O=Outstanding, S=Satisfactory, N=Needs Improvement, U= Unsatisfactory.

I think this calls for a celebration, don't you??

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