April 10, 2012


He said that as soon as the Judge took his seat there were a few lights that flicked on. That is when he knew you had then entered the courtroom. I noticed those lights but had not made the connection until we were discussing it after lunch on our way to the cemetery. When people ask me how it went I say, “HORRIBLE.” What else am I supposed to say? Our local news reporters are not all that great. After all this time they still can’t get it right! I know this doesn’t surprise you. I was super impressed with the Judge. I am pretty satisfied with his decision. Even though it wasn’t life it is life-like and that makes all the difference in the world. We miss you so much especially your children. Next time we come to pay our respects I will try and remember to bring a butterfly to add to your collection. Oh I almost forgot…we were driving home on Easter and right in front of us was a license plate with your name on it! I know…crazy huh? But I think it’s cool when these things happen and I thank you for that.


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