March 15, 2012

My Sweet Little Punky Brewster

For the last 48 hours Kinsley has been complaining about her ear. She kind of does this off and on and it's pretty easy to tell if her ear is infected or not. I knew she didn't have an ear infection but because of her discomfort last night, in the van, on the way home from AWANA, I decided it might be a good idea to drop Fiona off at home and head to the urgent care clinic.

Urgent care comes in handy when you need to be seen outside of business hours or you're trying to keep your kids in school during school days.

We didn't have to wait too long last night. (Thank Goodness!) My sweet little punky brewster is 49 lbs, no high blood pressure, and no fever. All good indicators of no ear infection.

It turns out that she does have a little fluid build up in her ear which is making her uncomfortable. The doc said we could do a 5 day course of steroids or a nose spray in order to widen her nasal passage so the fluid would have somewhere to go. You want to get that extra fluid out of there because if it stays in the ear like that you can wind up with a pretty big ear infection at some point and we didn't want that.

I nixed the steroids. Steroids are evil. We opted for the nose spray. Kinsley is a trooper when it comes to nose spray and that can be done at night before she goes to bed.

CVS pharmacy was super helpful in that they didn't understand why the doctor didn't prescribe a nasal decongestant. (Good Point!) Found out she could take Children's Sudafed along with her nose spray. We'll do the nose spray at night and since the nasal decongestant has a tendency to keep kids up we'll have her take that in the morning before school until her symptoms subside.

It's a good thing I renewed my driver's license a couple of days ago because the pharmacies keep Children's Sadafed locked up tight! Apparently, people use it to make some very bad illegal drugs. (Methamphetamine) When the pharmacist ran my driver's license it popped up expired! Good thing I had my temporary with me. At the register they make you sign this thing that states that I promise not to manufacture these illegal substances and that I understand it's a crime, etc. I had no problem signing it and am glad to see our pharmacies are proactive about locking this stuff up and keeping track of who makes the purchases.

By the time we finished at CVS I was turning into a Banana. I couldn't wait to get home and GO TO BED. Why a Banana? Because at Sparks tonight we sang a song with the kiddos that went something like "Go Bananas! Go Go Bananas!" and I couldn't get that song out of my head. I felt like I was going Bananas alright!

Kinsley looks miserable in the picture but she really was in pretty good spirits. She was just tired. She was also a chatterbox all night long. I think it's because she was getting to spend some time with her Momma alone.

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