March 14, 2012

I Love Spring

Spring is very early this year. I Love it! I'm looking forward to spring break, too! I can't believe the girls are almost done with Kindergarten and the 2nd grade.. Sparks at church, too.

I was reading my friend's blog yesterday and noticed that she may have a wasp issue in the attic of her home. Apparently these little critters like to build their nests up there. Remember my wasp issue? Don's gonna have to get up there and see what's going on. Perhaps an exterminator is in order? They are clever creatures, aren't they?

We aren't going anywhere for Spring Break this year. I am calling it a "staycation" in honor of all my Texas friends on Facebook. Their Spring Break will be ending and then ours will be beginning.

I am really enjoying lent. It has been miserable. This is the type of miserable I enjoy because it makes me think of the nails driven in my Savior on the cross. There are many aspects of lent I plan to take with me beyond the time frame people use to observe it.

Remember what I gave up? Every time I am tempted to indulge I picture Christ being nailed to the cross and that temptation disappears. I have not missed fast food at all. We haven't been eating out as much which I think is a good thing. When we do eat out we go to places that have lots of different plates to choose from and then I make a healthy choice. I have absolutely stayed away from everything fried! There has been birthday celebrating this month and I have not eaten any ice cream OR birthday cake. Everything sweet that has been set out at ladies bible study I have bi-passed and replaced with a fruit choice.

I think my favorite part of the "no nuts" literally and figuratively is the fact that I have been able to avoid nonsense and spend more time being productive instead of trying to argue with fools. You all know I love to post my opinions on politics and what's happening around the world. You all know I am surrounded by foolish liberals on Facebook and just about everywhere else..anyway it's been good because I just don't engage them any more. I share what I want and if they don't like it, too bad! If I feel surprised or compelled to go there I take it to my political/hot topic blog Domestic Divapalooza. Spending less time arguing with foolishness has allowed me to spend more time putting up quality posts over there. I'm finding I enjoy my political mojo more these days now that I've learned how to redirect my frustration.

I have been seriously compelled to consider adapting my lent choices and making it a part of my life. I have been more well rounded and happy as a result.

I am thinking about deleting my coffee habit, which is not part of my lent choices, but I will save that for another post. I think you will find it to be quite interesting actually..I know I have.

Oh and I have lost a little bit of weight since the beginning of lent season. My workouts have been minimal because let's be honest here..your body goes into withdrawals when you eat clean. So I am giving myself a break and taking it as it comes and only working out a couple of days a week. I'll be picking up the workout mojo here shortly and I am anticipating my weight will plummet.

I almost forgot...I renewed my driver's license two days ago. I am the exact same weight right now that I was five years ago. The only difference now is that I was in sizes 16/18 and today I am in sizes 12/14. Not bad! I'll save that for another post too.

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