February 22, 2012

Welcome to the Lenten Season!

I really like what my friend Kathy said about Lent:

"Today is Ash Wednesday and Lent begins. This is the time of year to truly reflect and remember that our Lord and Savior gave up so much for us. He gave up His life for us! What am I willing to give up for Him?"

Early this morning my husband Don and our oldest daughter Lauren went to a special church service for Ash Wednesday. They are each giving something up for the next six weeks. I have two things I am giving up. Well..I have several things I am giving up.

I am giving up SWEETS for lent. See that birthday cake up there? There are many birthdays coming up including my own birthday and I will not be eating any SWEETS. No birthday cake, ice cream, cupcakes, cookies..NONE OF IT. Not even for my own birthday which is just around the corner. If it is a SWEET TREAT it will NOT be going in my mouth.

See all the chocolate up there? That falls into the SWEET TREAT category. I will NOT be eating any. No chocolate milk, no Hershey's with Almonds, no cherry truffles..NONE OF IT. No cocoa, no hot chocolate..NOTHING that says chocolate or is chocolate. My oldest is giving up chocolate too. She will eat other sweet treats BUT not chocolate. ME...I will eat NONE of it.

JUNK FOOD...see the JUNK FOOD up there? I will not be eating any JUNK FOOD. If we eat out it will be a healthy choice or nothing at all. If they don't have salads to choose from I will not be pulling through the drive thru. This also means NO LITTLE DEBBIES, NO POTATO CHIPS, NO PRETZELS...if it comes in a bag it's probably not good for me.. oh and NO FRIED FOODS. If I think it might be JUNK then it's JUNK FOOD and it will not be going through my digestive tract. Period. Don is giving up JUNK FOOD but not all JUNK FOOD..just the JUNK that he struggles with. Me...I am giving it ALL UP.

Anything that has PEANUTS in it I will not be consuming. NO NUTS. NO PEANUT BUTTER. I will have NONE of that. Literally and Figuratively NO NUTS and certainly NO NUT-JOBS. What do I mean by no NUT-JOBS? Just that: NO NUT-JOBS!!!

If I blog something, comment on something and a NUT-JOB chimes in with their fact-less, base-less, asinine mumbo jumbo..I will not engage. If we do not agree socially, politically OR religiously I will NOT discuss OR engage with you. Period. If I feel the need to go over a topic that I have come across on the net, comment on or chime in with regard to what is happening in the world..I will do so by blogging BUT YOU NUT-JOBS are wasting your energy going there with me. I will not participate and you can think whatever you want..I will not consume NUT-JOBS during Lent.

See the Sugar picture up there? I won't consume anything that has sugar in it. NO CAN DO. It falls under chocolate, sweet treats, and junk food. BUT to take it one step further there will be no sugar in my breakfast or my coffee AND I will not substitute the sugar. That would be cheating. If the cream isn't half n' half OR MILK I will drink my coffee black. No honey nut cheerios, no oatmeal with sugar in it...NO SUGAR. Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Strawberries...are all A-OKAY. SUGAR in the powder form or a SUGAR substitute - NOT Okay. NO SUGAR for ME.

Any time I feel WEAK I will picture my LORD and SAVIOR on the CROSS and suck it up!!! Any time I feel that panicked feeling I will hop on the treadmill. I will PRAY. I will read my BIBLE. I will drink water. I will chew gum (because I can spit that out when I'm done). I will clean my house when I am feeling weak. I WILL DO THIS!!! I WILL SUCCEED!!!

What will YOU be giving up for Lent?

Learning A Little About Lent

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