February 18, 2012

Our House Wasps

I figured out where the wasps are coming from. We’ll be looking for an exterminator in the spring. I wonder if the exterminator will crawl up inside our attic and take a look around. I’ll bet there’s a family of wasps up there somewhere.

I have found 3 wasps in my house floating around upstairs this winter. The other day I was getting ready in the master bathroom and I heard a buzzing noise. I quickly turned around and saw something inside the light above the shower buzzing buzz buzz buzzing around.

It was big enough to be a wasp. I’m almost positive that’s where they are coming from. How odd. It’s kind of comical because we thought they were coming through the windows when we had them open on warm days. Why would they come through the windows? We have brand new windows with brand new screens installed.

It’s going to be interesting to see what an exterminator will say about our wasp problem. Hopefully it’s only a small wasp problem. I don’t like wasps. I don’t like being surprised by them either.

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