January 23, 2012


We got a little bit of snow last night but not enough to call off school. I must admit, we have really lucked out in the snow department.

I have some running to do today. I ran the kids to school. I ran home. I will run Lauren to a meeting. I will run to the Christian book store while Lauren is at her meeting. Then I will run and pick Lauren up from her meeting and then run us both back home. Then Don, Lauren and I will run to our weekly appointment, we’ll run back home, and then by the time we are all done from that it will be time to run and pick the kids up from school. By then the only running I will have left to do will hopefully take place on my treadmill.

In between the running will be chores and reading, reading and chores. Someone has to take care of all that, right? It might as well be me.

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  1. I felt like that too this morning with Megan's art class and Courtney's preschool. I sometimes wish we could charge them for taxi service!


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