August 30, 2011

10 On Tues: Busy Busy

1. The Tea Party Express is in Omaha Today. I'm going. I will be there taking pictures of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

2. Thrasher Basement Systems just left my house. Everything is running smoothly including our new sump system we purchased two years ago with battery backup. It’s nice to know I won’t have to bail water if my electricity goes out.

3. Don’s birthday is tomorrow. He’ll be 37 years old. I don’t know what to get him for his birthday. I need to get the girls and go shop for him.

4. So far my promise to post something every single day this month has worked out fairly well. I think I’ve done a pretty good job sticking to it. What do you think?

5. I have a new goal that I’m going to add to my current goal. We’ll see if I can keep it up in the month of September. I figure if I can drink coffee every day then surely I can have two goals I can keep in the month of September.

6. I’m looking forward to the AWANA leader meeting tomorrow night at church. This will be my first time as a sparks leader and fourth year as a volunteer. Where does all the time go? Before you know it the kids will be in TNT.

7. Kinsley has her follow-up doctor appointment tomorrow too. She’ll be providing the doctor with a urine sample to make sure that the UTI she had before is really gone for good. The doctor is also going to check her head to make sure her lymph nodes are looking good. The big marble sized knots that were in her head are gone but you know how the doctors are – they can feel and find things I would never find on my own.

8. I'll be announcing a brand NEW blog of the month over on Blog Mommas some time around Thursday. At this time I'd like to invite all my blog readers who have blogs to join the blog directory. If you're a mom with a blog - you should do it! If you're a dad with a blog - you should do it! If you have a blog and you're not a mom or a dad that's okay - you can still do it! All you do is link to "Blog Mommas" or "Blog Directory" - let me know that you did - and I will get you listed ASAP.

9. I'm going to a 31 party on Thursday night and I'm looking forward to it. I never get invited to these things so I'm anxious to see what it's all about. I'm also looking forward to hanging out with some gals from church. Yippeeee!

10. Movies in the Park has started up in my neighborhood and will run every Friday night at dusk through to the middle of October. I absolutely love this time of the year. Last Friday we watched Gnomeo and Juliet. I can't wait to see what the movie will be this Friday.

Tea Party Express in Omaha Today

-End the bailouts!
-Reduce the size & intrusiveness of government!
-Stop the out-of-control spending!
-No government-run healthcare!
-Stop raising our taxes!

Tea Party Express Rally – Omaha, NE – Aug 30 (today) – 4:30 PM – Elmwood Park! Who’s going to meet me there!?

Hat Tip: My Blog on Politics and Hot Topics: Domestic Divapalooza

August 29, 2011

Humility, Gentleness & Patience

It’s excruciatingly difficult to have humility, gentleness and patience with people who are bold in-your-face liars. On the other hand my heart is melting listening to Fiona read Kinsley the first chapter in the book of Genesis.

August 28, 2011

God Made You Different

God made you different from everyone else.

"Lord, even before I speak a word, you know all about it. You are all around me. You are behind me and in front of me. You hold me in your power." ~Psalm 139:4-5

August 27, 2011

Water for Sale

That’s what I wrote: Water for Sale!

My girls decided to put together a water stand today.

In their words: all the proceeds go to the poor.

So far they have earned $1.00

Kinsley keeps chanting out loud: Ice cold dollar!!!

It’s great to see them working together for a good cause.

They did not ask for help from anyone, not even our government.

Way to go Fiona and Kinsley!!!

August 26, 2011

I Do

I ♥ U Don :]

That's What's Up


I got caught up on laundry.
I ran a couple of errands.
I vacuumed my house.
I got Fiona’s bedroom ready to prep to paint.


Don is going to “Man Up” at church.
I’m taking the kids out to eat.
We’re going to “Movies in the Park”.
I hope to hang out with friends after the movie.

August 25, 2011

Let's Be Clear

I am yours...

They are mine...

How 2: Leave Comments

A friend of mine is having trouble with the comment section of this blog. So this morning I decided to investigate by logging out of my account and clicking on the comments section to see what’s going on.

To leave a comment you click on “0 Comments” and that will bring you to the comment form. From that point you should see “Comment as:” and to the right of that is a little drop down menu with the option to select a profile.

From that point you should be able to select from the following options: Google Account, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM, or OpenID. Below that are the following options: Name/URL and Anonymous.

If you select the “Google Account” all you have to do is sign in and it will pick up your Google profile.

Name/URL is a great way to let people know who you are and how to find your blog. I like that option for those who don’t have a Google account because it allows me to follow through and check out your site or blog.

I don’t give too much credence to anonymous because that sends the message that you don’t really want me to know who you are or you don’t really have a site for me to discover but you were interested in leaving me a comment. I appreciate that. I love comments.

Hopefully this post clears up how to leave a comment. If you are still unable to leave a comment will you let me know? It might be some sort of technical issue I had not thought of and I would really like to try and get to the bottom of it so that everyone can leave a comment if they want to.

Thank you for letting me know when something isn’t working on my blog. I really appreciate that because I want my blog to be as functional as possible for those that enjoy coming here for a little visit.

Not sure if this helps but my comments are not moderated. I don’t like making anyone wait to find out if their comment will post or not.

It Is What It Is

The concept of acceptance seems to be a difficult one. I define it as no longer fighting against something. It doesn’t mean you embrace it or like it or agree with it. It simply means that you won’t fight it anymore. It is what it is, and now it is your turn to decide what you’re going to do with it – or in spite of it. ♥

August 24, 2011

AWANA Registration

It’s a good thing I looked at my planner today.

AWANA Registration is tonight from 6:30-8:00 pm.

I almost forgot about it.

Hey Charla…I have some pictures for you. There are 42 of them in chronological order. If I see you at church tonight I will have them with me. If I don’t see you at church tonight I will probably see you on Sunday and can give them to you then. TTYL!! :]

Some People

Constantly being sad, mopey, angry, hurt, and anticipating more situations to be such is not only negative, it’s exhausting! And feeling bad perpetuates more feeling bad. I realize that some people resist feeling good because they are gripping their victim status tightly, lest they be held to a higher standard of existence by those around them, and then what would happen to all their “damaged person” –generated attention, affection, approval –and special dispensation from reciprocation and responsibility? ♥

August 23, 2011

10 On Tues: CHOICES

1. If your problem is what you do to yourself it means that you are the one with the power and the control and the choice to make it be different.

2. You are not a simple product of your experiences, you are a product of what you make of and do with those experiences.

3. Taking responsibility is liberating.

4. Enduring is liberating.

5. The concept of acceptance seems to be a difficult one. I define it as no longer fighting against something. It doesn’t mean you embrace it or like it or agree with it. It simply means that you won’t fight it anymore. It is what it is, and now it is your turn to decide what you’re going to do with it – or in spite of it.

6. Acceptance is liberating.

7. At some time in your life you need to take control and live a happy, normal life and not dwell on the past. It is not worth the pain and aggravation.

8. Letting go is liberating.

9. Replacing bad habits is liberating.

10. Once you make the decision to change, you have to be educated first on what the problem is and secondly how to fix it. Most people cannot do it entirely on their own. Which is why teachers, pastors, and mentors are so important. You can’t change what you don’t know.

Can you guess what book I'm reading?

August 22, 2011

Sweet Dreams People

What can I say? There are not enough hours in a day. There are even less hours in a school day. That’s all I have. I’m ready for a NEW day.

P.S. Charla if you are reading this I ordered some duplicate pictures today when I was getting all my photos caught up. You know – pictures from AWANA, your baby shower, and when we came to visit you in the hospital when Christian was born. I thought you might get a kick out of that. Also, I wanted to see if you still read my blog. Lol

August 21, 2011


At 11:58 PM last night I remembered that I didn’t post anything. I thought perhaps I could log in quickly from my phone and say something brilliant but then it became 11:59 PM and I realized that wasn’t going to happen. That’s okay. There were a few days this month that I posted more than once on the same day. What can I say? Life happens in our family and I can’t always be on the computer. I think that’s a good thing, don’t you?

The first half of the day was filled with sisterly bickering. The back and forth between Fiona and Kinsley is the definition of insanity. They really enjoy annoying the bajeezus out of one another. Thank God for school and the fact that they have their own classrooms to go to.

The second half of the day was spent watching baseball at the new Werner stadium. Did you know Warren Buffet owns the Storm Chasers? I had a feeling that he did when I was walking through the stadium and saw the “Buffet Boardroom” signage on the office that you can see from the outside. I have to tell ya that the place is nice. I love the stadium. The girls love going to baseball games. A guy from Don’s men’s group at church had some tickets that his family wasn’t able to use so they gave them to us. I thought that was nice. We got to see fireworks after the game too.

Today at church was move up Sunday. Kinsley is no longer in the toddler area of church. She’s a big kid in the Kindergarten room upstairs with the big kids. She was cute today after church. On the way to get some shopping done she was telling us about all the things God created on Days 1 through 7. I was amazed because it seemed that she was paying attention in Sunday school soaking it all in.

After church we went to Home Depot to pick up some odds and ends that we need for some projects we are working on. After Home Depot we went to Sam’s Club because we needed some odds and ends we like to buy in bulk for the house. When we got home I went straight to bed. I was really tired.

I didn’t take my pill this morning. I think my thyroid will be okay if I miss one day. I don’t like taking my pill at different times of the day so I’ll pick it back up tomorrow. The weather is beautiful in Omaha and especially at night. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

August 18, 2011

I've Been Preoccupied

What can I say? I’m completely preoccupied with the heated discussion taking place on my facebook wall. I’m so distracted I almost forgot my daily post.

Not sure if you noticed at all but I’ve spruced up a few things in the sidebar. You’ll notice the following sections: My Stuff, Follow Me, Find Us on Facebook, and Blog Favorites.

I’ll go over those quickly…

My Stuff – That’s a listing of all my blogs that I care for you to know of. I also posted links to my favorite social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are my main social networking sites.

Follow Me – I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong with Google Friend Connect. I discovered that there is a technical difficulty on the Blogspot side of things. I went into the Google Friend Connect page and decided to copy and paste the “Follow Me” gadget HTML into my sidebar instead. That seemed to do the trick. YAY!!

Find Us on Facebook – That’s the Blog Mommas Facebook Page. Yes, I have a blog directory and I would love to have you join it because I really enjoy networking with other bloggers. It’s super easy to be a part of it. All you do is link to the blog. You don’t even have to post a button if you don’t want to. Just link to the blog using the keywords: Blog Mommas or Blog Directory – and that should do the trick. Then just let me know that you did and I’ll get you added and introduced to the directory ASAP. Don't forget to 'like' our facebook page.

Blog Favorites – This is a listing of all the blogs that I have in my Google News Reader who are linking back to I Am Pooped. This is also known as a Blogroll. This is one way of networking with other bloggers to try and increase traffic to your blog. If your traffic can increase then you’re likely to get more comments too. I don’t know about you but I sure wish more people would leave comments.

If you’re linking to my blog let me know so I can return the favor because that’s really the only way blogrolls work in the world of networking. Also, if you are interested in a link exchange with some of my other blogs I am totally open to it. Let’s do it!

That’s all I have for today.

Now you know why I’ve been preoccupied.

August 17, 2011

Posting Something

The knots on Kinsley's head seem to be going away. Thanks for praying for her and for our family. I’m still going to keep an eye on her now that I’m aware that this might happen if her body is trying to fight something. I appreciate your love, support and encouraging words.

I hope you’ve been enJOYing the quotes I have been sharing lately. I’m reading a new book and it’s been enlightening. I don’t want to tell you what the book is until I am finished with it. In the meantime if you can guess which book it is – GO FOR IT!

Do you use Google Friend Connect on your blog? I have noticed that mine doesn’t seem to be working lately. I have no idea why? What are some things you enJOY seeing on someone’s blog when you visit? What brings you back?

I am still down 25 pounds. I did quit our gym. I’m on a gym hiatus. I’m on an exercise break too. I will get back into it – just not now. Right now I’m working on projects around the house.

Inside the house I am working on closets and bedrooms. I’m going through all our clothes and getting rid of the ones that don’t fit us anymore. I’m also digging through toys while little people are at school and getting rid of junk they won’t even notice is missing because they are not home to protest. I’m also prepping Fiona’s room and getting it ready to paint. We are totally redecorating it and plan to find a small desk where she can write and be creative in the privacy of her own room.

Posting something on this blog every day seems to be an attainable goal thus far. There are 31 days in August with 14 days to go. It is my hope to come up with a new goal at the end of the month.

August 16, 2011

10 On Tues: Start Moving

1. My advice to others is to simply decide where you want to go and start moving. Do you want a happy life filled with love and stability? Then you have to be the one to start moving in that direction. It’s all about your right to choice. You can choose to live in the past and feel about what may have happened to you or what you lost, or you can acknowledge your past and move on. You can never reach your future if you won’t remove yourself from your past.

2. Everything has a price. For everything you really want, there’s something you have to put up with.

3. Continuing to be a victim is something that . . . people do in an attempt to find value in themselves. The sad part is that their idea of value is twisted to believe that being a part of something negative makes them important.

4. We all have a past, some better than others, some worse than others. And, as children, we can’t control what happens to us most of the time. But as adults, we can. For some, staying in pain keeps them safe from facing the wonderful opportunities that we have in life to grow. Growing requires getting out of the comfort zone [even pain, if familiar, becomes a comfort zone], which requires hard work, and let’s face it – some people are just not up for the challenge.

5. Being the Center of the Universe is a bad habit.

6. FREEDOM comes when I can make a different choice.

7. Love is a choice. That choice can change your bad mood, nag session, or your seemingly ‘bad day.’

8. Life is a series of choices, and the ones I have made, by the grace of God, have set me free. It has not been easy and there are still times I need to shove a tendency toward depression away – but with the help of God and my dear husband, success wins. I try to keep in mind that depression is a form of MEISM and that life is not just about me.

9. Fear of change is a bad habit.

10. . . . you have to be ACTIVE in how you want your life to be – letting your past run your life is like letting a caboose run a train. It is just all behind you.

Can you guess the name of the book I am reading?

August 15, 2011

1st Day of School 2011-12

Okay…so I got a little teary-eyed on the way home from school. It’s bittersweet. Kinsley was serious about everything but super excited. Fiona mouthed the words “Come on Mom. Go!” as I was blowing her kisses. Hmm…I think I will go through all of their STUFF in their rooms & CLEAN it ALL out! There’s nobody here to protest! LOL.

August 14, 2011

Two Profound Quotes

1. We all have a past, some better than others, some worse than others. And, as children, we can’t control what happens to us most of the time. But as adults, we can. For some, staying in pain keeps them safe from facing the wonderful opportunities that we have in life to grow. Growing requires getting out of the comfort zone [even pain, if familiar, becomes a comfort zone], which requires hard work, and let’s face it – some people are just not up for the challenge.

2. Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act. ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

August 13, 2011


YUMMO Veggies from the Garden

We have tons of cucumbers and tomatoes. This is one of my favorite parts about summer: Fresh Veggies. I never knew how good they could taste until we grew our own.

August 12, 2011


Please Pray

If you are a praying person please keep our Kinsley in your prayers. We need her lymph nodes in her neck and the ones connected to her head to heal. We need the knots that have popped up to disappear. She has two big marble sized ones on her head and some smaller ones in her neck. We are hoping they disappear within the next couple of weeks.

August 11, 2011

Summary of Patient Services

Last night I was tucking Kinsley in for bed and she said, “Mom...There’s a bump on my head and it’s been bothering me.” So I had her show it to me and I felt it and it feels like a knot that’s connected to her head. It’s about the size of a large marble.

Back in June she slipped, fell and bumped her head at a spray park in Tyler, TX. We were in the ER in Athens for 6 hours. They did a cat scan on her and everything came back fine. The doctor said she had a mild concussion, etc.

Here we are and it’s August and now pops up this other bump on her head. It’s not in the same location as the one back in June. I do not like how it feels. It almost feels like it’s some sort of growth, not a boil, or anything like that.

We have doctor’s appointment at 1:40 pm. Let me tell you Texas makes it extremely difficult to get copies of her records. My doctor has to call them and make the arrangement. I did finally convince the gal on the phone that I have a right to have copies too. After all, they charged me for everything even though our insurance is covering the bulk of the cost. But’s ridiculous.

Summary of Patient Services:
Emergency Room Services: $530.25
Radiology Services: $5,529.50
Professional Fee: $631.75
For a Total of: $6,691.50
My portion after insurance: $624.71

I have no idea what a professional fee is. Do you? I’m thinking it might be the fee that is charged when you have to have someone decipher test results. The ER doctor had to use a company in Minnesota to read the radiology results for him. Maybe that is what the professional fee is for? I have no idea. I still don’t understand why they had to use people in Minnesota to decipher the radiology results. It doesn’t make sense to me.

This knot on her head doesn’t feel right to me. She didn’t hit her head on anything either. Not this time. I hope it winds up being nothing at all. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what our doctor says about it.

August 10, 2011

Lovely Surprise

What a lovely surprise for Fiona when she checked the mail yesterday and discovered a postcard from her new teacher.

Dear Fiona,

Welcome back to school! I’m looking forward to meeting you. School begins August 15th in Room XX. See you soon!

Your teacher,
Ms. XX

August 9, 2011

10 On Tues: Growing Through

1. Emotional abuse and mistreatment, whether it is done with or without malice and forethought, is still valid abuse.

2. Even flowers have to grow through dirt.

3. Life is not fair! Life is not easy! There is no rulebook or secret to success or happiness. Happiness is earned and sustained through character and strength. God creates miracles for us to have if we are smart enough to realize them.

4. Closure is about a commitment to a life determined by your choices and your actions, instead of a simple reaction to historical pain.

5. Marinating in anger without resolve or appropriate expression is an unhealthy state of mind.

6. You are not what has been done to you. You are, instead, who you choose to do for and with others today.

7. I am grateful that God granted us all free will, because I am free to choose my life.

8. Emotions Are Not Truth

9. A Good Life is not about feeling good all the time.

10. A Good Life comes from meaning something, not having everything.

Can you guess the name of the book I am reading?

August 8, 2011

August 7, 2011

Behind My Back

I had no idea Kinsley put a sticker on the back of my shirt! It said: God is POWERFUL. He can help me.


Today’s sermon at church was on Ephesians 3:1-13. Vs 6 stood out. The other thing I realized about myself is that I connect better with outsiders than I do with believers. I choose not to let this discourage me.

August 6, 2011

Miss K's Day

Today is Kinsley’s day! She gets to spend the afternoon with Mom and Dad. We are taking her out to lunch and school shopping for Kindergarten.

August 5, 2011

Are You Happy?

Then Don't Worry

Canceled Our Gym Membership

It took me under five minutes to cancel our gym membership yesterday. I didn’t know it would be that easy. It’s actually a little bit of a relief.

I was told if I canceled before the fifth of August that I wouldn’t be charged another month. I have an open ended contract that is month to month so that’s kind of a nice little perk.

The gal showed me on the computer that I owe zero and that August would be our last month. All I had to do was write on two lines why I wanted to cancel the membership and then sign my name.

The card was small so I didn’t really have a lot of room to write specifically why I was cancelling our family membership. But I was able to squeeze in: PLF is no longer conducive to our family’s needs.

I looked at the manager and said, “WOW. That was easy!” She was looking at me and said, “SURE. That’s how it should be.” I smiled and left to go exercise.

There are many reasons why I canceled our membership but I don’t think sharing my perspective one more time would have helped or changed anything. I’ve tried talking to them before about some of the issues I have but I don’t think they really care.

Why would they care? They have a business to run.

When people don’t listen or acknowledge your perspective you kind of have to move along. I couldn’t continue the membership knowing that our perspective wasn’t even a consideration worthy of a follow up.

August 4, 2011

I'm Proud of You Ree

I’m proud of you Ree. I can’t wait to find out what your MOS is and what your ship out day will be. You are going to do Great in the Marines! ♥

My Savior. ♥

When I fall.......HE CATCHES ME.
When I am sad.......HE HOLDS ME.
When I cry.......HE WIPES MY TEARS.
When I am broken.......HE PUTS ME BACK TOGETHER. My Savior. ♥

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

I know who I am to HIM. HE loves me. I belong to HIM. End of story.

The last few months my prayers to God have been that he would show me what I need to see whether it be good or bad. God is faithful and He sees everything.

No. No. NO!

6.) No. No. NO!

My nephew E drew this picture yesterday. He was all about the, “no. no. no.” yesterday. I saved it to my phone and now it’s my phone’s brand new wall paper. Thought I would add it to my “no” collection.

August 3, 2011

STOP Assuming the Worst

For the first time in a long time my daughter is getting her life together without the help drama-filled meddling of outside influences.

Just because she writes something public on her facebook page that has a negative connotation doesn’t mean something bad has happened to her.

Leave her alone. Stay out of it.

For once she is doing well and doesn’t need anyone to rescue her or bail her out. She doesn’t have any responsibilities right now and she is a grown young lady who has a life to live.

She has joined the military and is working out with the Marines two days a week on a delayed entry program. She has two jobs. She is living in a house with two roommates and the rent is dirt cheap. For once she is doing very WELL for herself.

It’s always the same people over and over again who automatically assume the worst. It’s NOT your job to help rescue everyone when YOU yourself are drowning in the ocean you never learned how to swim in.

For the first time in a long time WE are working on our relationship and we don’t need help drama-filled meddling from outside influences.

If you want to be “helpful” let go and let God do what He needs to do. Did you ever stop and think that maybe you need to get out of God’s way? He has a job to do and you are not trusting that He knows what He is doing.

Maybe you can be a positive place in her life by offering her encouragement instead of money or things. Maybe you can stop assuming the worst and learn how to be positive instead of pessimistic about everything.

It’s NOT your responsibility to help intervene. Your track record should tell you that every single time you have helped intervened and inserted yourself it has backfired.

It’s NOT your responsibility.

It’s almost as if you CRAVE the trouble that doesn’t exist.

STOP it.

August 2, 2011

10 On Tues: Quotes

1. Everyone is a friend until they prove otherwise.

2. There’s a point in life when you get tired of chasing everyone and trying to fix everything, but it’s not giving up. It’s realizing that you don’t need certain people and their crap.

3. I bet you got pushed around...Somebody made you cold. But the cycle ends right now Cause you can't lead me down that road. Taylor Swift

4. You're fine china...NEVER let anyone treat you like a paper plate.

5. What you are speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say. Emerson

6. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt

7. Experience is not what happens to you...It's what you DO with what happens to you.

8. Actions speak LOUDER than words.

9. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

10. Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke. Benjamin Disraeli


I took Kinsley to the doctor yesterday.

By the way, we have a really cool family doctor. He has a dry sense of humor. I wasn’t sure about him at first but after seeing him for several years now I am convinced he is the best doctor we’ve ever had. He’s no nonsense, doesn’t panic, and he doesn’t make my kids nervous. In fact, he refers to Miss Kinsley as “hey little buddy.”

When we got to the doc’s office she was able to give up a urine sample without any trouble at all. This was completely opposite from the last time she had to give up a sample. I didn’t have to leave and come back and we were able to get it all done in the span of about one hour.

While there I mentioned the fact that she had slipped, fell and bonked her head at a spray park in Tyler, TX when I was down visiting family. Long story short – I had taken her to the ER because the bump on her head was the size of a golf ball. After filling our doctor in on all of that and how everything turned out he said that the only thing he needed me to do was to call the ER and have them send him a copy of the CAT scan results. That’s really all that he needed for her medical file here in Omaha. I need to remember to call them and take care of that this week.

The results came back and sure enough Miss Kinsley’s white blood cells were high. That means infection. It’s good that I took her in to have her checked out. The doctor and the nurse talked to her about not holding her pee or her poop. He gave us a prescription for some medicine that she’s supposed to take twice daily for ten days. When we finish that up we’ll wait a couple of days and then she’ll give them another urine sample.

When the doctor was talking to her about the bump she got on her head down in Texas Kinsley told him that it made her feel confused. He said, “I can see why you would feel confused. You just need to have your Mom keep you away from Texas.”

I laughed out loud.


August 1, 2011

August Blog Challenge: 31 Days

I promised myself that I would blog every single day in the month of August. Some posts will be long, some short, and sometimes you may see only a picture. Sounds like a lot of FUN, eh? Maybe it will reignite my love for blogging.