December 1, 2011

FOOL Proofing Your Life

Many years ago Jan Silvious came and spoke at our church. It was a fabulous event, I purchased her book, stood in line for her autograph, came home and placed her book on the shelf never to be read...UNTIL yesterday.

I am still reading The Ragamuffin Gospel but recently received affirmation that I should put that book down and come back to it at a later date. FOOL Proofing Your Life was screaming at me to pick her up and R.E.A.D. Why didn’t I read this book before now?

I believe I was not supposed to read that book until now. I also believe that I’m not supposed to read The Ragamuffin Gospel until AFTER I read FOOL Proofing Your Life. Someone upstairs is looking out for me in a BIG way! Everything happens for a reason, right?

CHAPTER ONE: Raising Your Relational IQ really GRABBED my attention. I had never really thought about the quality of my relationships in an in dept way before now. This book really breaks it down and explains it detail by detail. Much of this book is bible based for those that look to God for comfort, peace and joy.

Right now I am on Chapter 3. I will admit that I am having a hard time putting this book down. My next post will be an excerpt from the book that I think you will come to appreciate.

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