November 26, 2011

I Like Frogs

This 60 degree weather is confusing the flies and the wasps. I do not like wasps. I am ready for snow! Last night I walked into my bathroom and the biggest wasp I had ever seen was floating around my sink. Don squashed that bug pretty quick after he heard me calling him. I don’t think he was too sure about what he was going to find. The whole thing reminds of when Lauren was born and I brought her home from the hospital. When I went to lay her in the crib I turned around and right in front of my eyes was a spider hanging from the ceiling. I don’t like flies, wasps or spiders! Bring on the SNOW!

We have been thoroughly enjoying our time together as a family. This has been a wonderful holiday for us. We are thankful for all our many wonderful blessings. We enjoyed a beautiful day on Thursday with our family, great weather and yummy food. At one point I found my mind wondering what our family might look like this time next year. It’s something we will be praying about. It will be neat to see what God has planned for us.

Be courageous when you pray. You never know what God will do with your request. Often it is not what you think it should be. That is how we get molded into the people we are supposed to be...I believe that wholeheartedly. He has great plans for us that go beyond mediocre. Sometimes it’s good that God pushes us out of our comfort zone.

Today we are going to see the new Muppet Movie. I hear it’s very funny. Kinsley and Fiona are super excited to see it. This movie will bring back lots of great memories from when I was a kid at school. I don’t know too many people who don’t know the song: The Rainbow Connection.

We are also cleaning our house from top to bottom! This is the busiest time of the year for our family because not only do we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas but we have two special birthdays. Kinsley’s is in November and Fiona’s is in December. This year we are having family over for Kinsley’s birthday. On Monday we will take cupcakes to her kindergarten class to share with her friends.

Fiona will be celebrating her birthday at P.E. 101 this year with her classmates and her cousins. We decided to combine family and friends at this one. I like that we are having it out somewhere because it allows me to start decorating our entire house for Christmas a lot sooner than normal. BUT…not before I get Fiona’s room painted. I need to suck it up and get it done. It’s long overdue. I really don’t know why I’ve been avoiding this projected. I wish there were a way to avoid taping all of the trim. Today after we clean the house I will work on washing the walls. I’ve got all the holes and imperfections cemented and sanded. I need to finish taping and get it done once and for all.


  1. You get to take cupcakes to school? Home-made or store bought? What is the rule at your school?

  2. Yep, we get to take cupcakes to Kinsley’s kindergarten class. The teacher is all about allowing the kiddos to celebrate birthdays during the school year. I’m not sure about the homemade/store bought rule. At this point it doesn’t matter to us because we order ours from a bakery. I know that our school has bake sales. I would imagine the sweet treats donated for the bake sales are homemade, store bought, or made in a bakery. We also donate snacks to our classrooms and we have in mind there are some who have a peanut allergies as there are some at church with peanut allergies. We are very mindful of peanut allergies as well as red dye allergies. Kinsley is super excited and cannot wait to share her birthday cupcakes with her classmates, teacher and paraprofessionals. Can you believe she is going to be six years old? They are growing up so fast!


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