October 2, 2011


My sweet kid! :)

Kinsley was worried about Fiona.

We are home now. I'm so happy Fiona didn't have to have surgery and that everything is okay with her appendix.

I don’t feel like rehashing all of the details. Besides, the people who know and love us the most have access to all of that on Facebook.

Grandma and Grandpa are the best Grandparents my kids could ever hope to have. They came to the hospital because they love and support us. Their presence made Fiona’s day.

Don and Kinsley went to church today. I stayed home with Fiona so she can rest and take it easy. Not sure yet but I think we will keep her home from school tomorrow just to make sure she is 100% when she goes back.

I want to thank everyone who texted us on our telephones to offer us encouragement and prayers. What a blessing to be fully surrounded by those who genuinely care for our family.

Between Don’s family, our wonderful friends and God’s blessings we feel completely and totally loved. You guys are the best. Thank You!

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