September 23, 2011

Special Family Dinner

Even though it was short notice all of our family came over to our house last Saturday night for a special family dinner and to spend some time with Lauren before she shipped out. She’s going to be gone for 13 weeks and we wanted to make sure we sent her off knowing how much we all love her, support her and our proud of the decision she has made.

We cooked all her favorite foods: My Spaghetti, My Spanakopita, Her Dad's Taco Pie, Her Aunt Kim’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, Her Uncle Dan’s Smoked Chicken and Her Grandma’s Butter Horn Rolls.

Lauren’s Aunt Kim’s family came to show their love and support too. Here are some of my favorite pictures that I snapped from our evening together.

Lauren and Her Dad

Lauren and Her Uncle Dan

Lauren and Her Cousins

Lauren and Her Sisters

Me and My Girls

Lauren and Her Aunt Kim

Lauren and Her Grandmother

Let's not forget Uncle Brian!


  1. Aunt Kim and you are sisters...right?

    Lauren's Grandma is your mom...right?

    How rightful you are to be proud of your Lauren! It is awesome. Joining the military in general and the MARINES no less! What i love about the army is that its troops get in return as much as they give.

    How mature, poised and fit recruit (for now) Stevens going to be on graduation day! ('she's already gorgeous...nothing boot camp can improve in that dept! :) )

    I sometimes wish I could turn back time and join the military. I went to undergrad and grad school, but would have liked to serve in the army as well. I do regret not having joined. I'm over all possible age limits.

    Did you ever consider joining as a youth?

    BTW-the menu you celebrated "shipping out" seemed awesome!

    I know she just left, but what's next for Lauren after bootcamp/graduation?


  2. Aunt Kim is my sister-in-law. She is married to my husband’s brother.

    Lauren’s Grandmother is my mother-in-law. She is my husband’s mother. She might as well be my mom too as she talks to me more than my own mother.

    We are very PROUD of Lauren and the choice she has made.

    I think this decision is really going to show Lauren who her true friends are. We’ll see just how loyal they are when they realize that they can no longer be a priority in the hierarchy of priorities that a marine must adhere to.

    I came very close to joining the Air Force when Lauren was a toddler. I’m glad that I did not have to go in that direction at that time.

    Once Lauren graduates from her training program she will no longer be a Marine Recruit. She will have a short amount of time she can spend with her family and then she has to go off to school for the job she will be doing for the U.S. Marines.

    It's all pretty Exciting!!!

  3. First off, I think your sister-in law- and mom-in-law look like you! I don't know, maybe we do morph into looking like our genetically related loved ones!

    I think you're absolutely right on the friends matter. Her true buddies will stick with her even if the nature of the relationship changes (for the better).

    It also sounds like Lauren's recruiters are truly terrific people who went above and beyond in caring for her.

    Air Force! Wow! I guess shooting (no pun intended!) for the military moon runs in the family.

    Again, congratulations on all the good things coming your way!! Rachel

  4. genetically non related I meant! Sorry about the back to back post...R

  5. You know...a lot of people tell me all the time that Kim and I look like sisters.


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