September 23, 2011

My Blood Draw

Last Thursday I was feeling pretty BLAH and decided I’d better take myself to the doctor. I’ve been having issues lately and it was time to rule stuff out.

With all the UTI stuff going on in our house I was a bit paranoid that I might have a UTI due to the fact that it felt like I was living in my bathroom. Turns out that can happen when you are drinking lots of water.

My urinalysis came back NEGATIVE.

While at the doctor we decided it has been awhile since my last blood draw to monitor my Thyroid.

For those that don’t know this about me I am Hypothyroid and have had it since spring 2006. But, my thyroid wasn’t just a little bit off it was a full blown HASHIMOTOS off the charts autoimmune Hypothyroidism.

I’ve been on 100 MCG of Synthroid every single day ever since the diagnosis which seems to be keeping everything in check. I just have to stay on top of my blood draws and take myself in to see the doc whenever I’m feeling BLAH.

My left arm got poked. My right arm got poked. They couldn't get any of my veins to cooperate. Finally my finger got poked. Facebook pokes are definitely taken for granted and I've learned to appreciate them more.

Turns out my TSH result is 2.0 which is good because the range they are looking for is between .48 and 5.90.

My Free T4 result is 1.3 which is also good because the range they are looking for is between .8 and 1.7.

Overall my levels check was NORMAL.



  1. Congratulations!!!

    I, like you, take synthroid. Last year I was feeling rotten and kept thinking it was my depression sneaking up on me again. Turns out my thryoid was out of whack and was seriously lacking in vitamin D (which is embarrassing considering I live in CA)!

    Started take the meds and serious potency vitamin D. It helped a LOT. I try to sun myself more now, too!

    Glad you're feeling well. Medical science is remarkable! Rachel

  2. Rachel - Did you know that depression is often misdiagnosed when the person has thyroid issues?

  3. I'd heard of that, but don't know much about the phenomenon. I hadn't been to a check-up for a while before last year, so I figured I was just having a bout and had to "battle it through."I was so exhausted as well. By 8pm I couldn't do anything other than lie down and watch tv.

    I didn't tell my doctor about how I was feeling, but as part of my physical she tossed in a thyroid exam,which I'd never had, along with a panel for nutrient deficiency. Once the results came in and the doctor issued the prescriptions she told me I'd be feeling a lot better in a couple of weeks (I guess she just figured out how I'd been feeling based on the lab results). And I did.

    I do need to schedule my annual check up, so you reminded me to do so by posting your own exam results! R

  4. Did you get that checkup scheduled? Like me, do you have to take Synthroid for the rest of your life?


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