September 29, 2011

Home Sick From School

Fiona is sick. She’s got fever. She’s puked. She’s been instructed to stay home from school today and tomorrow.

This morning she woke up not feeling well. She had a low-grade fever of about 98. I called the school and let them know she wouldn’t be in today due to fever.

Later on in the morning her fever went up to 99. I called the doctor’s office and they were able to squeeze her in even though our family doctor would not be there.

At the doc’s office they took her temp again and this time it was 101. Yup, her fever is sky rocketing.

Her lungs did not sound all that great so they had chest x-rays done. Her tonsils did not look all that great so they had swabbed her throat and prescribed some meds for her to take just in case.

The doc’s theory was that she would go ahead and treat her for strep even though her test results were negative. That way, if in the next 48 hours the culture grew into strep she would already be set.

In the meantime, Fiona has puked her brains out and her fever has not subsided. If she continues to have fever through to tomorrow I’m supposed to take her back to see the doctor.

I hope Fiona feels better soon.

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