September 27, 2011

For the Love of Sisters

Lauren’s last meal as a civilian was Subway “Eat Fresh” as Kinsley would say. Her recruiters drove her and a few others to the hotel where she would be staying at the night before she took her oath and shipped out. At first I thought I would be driving her but the recruiters insisted that they wanted to check her in. That’s understandable.

Once the girls were out of school we came home, packed up their swim suits and off we went to Lauren’s hotel so they could hang out with their big sister one more time before she left. They got about 90 minutes alone with her before her friends started showing up to say goodbye.

This was pretty hard on Fiona but at least they got to spend some time with her doing what they love before she leaves. On the way home Fiona insisted that we eat Subway “Eat Fresh” just like Lauren. They also wanted their hair in a bun for bed time. 


  1. Very cute! Kids and their expressions are truly something else! Rach


Thanks for the comment