September 6, 2011

10 On Tues

1. I will try to post something as much as possible in September but it won’t be every single day like it was last month.

2. This month I will be more focused on reuniting with my workout Mojo. I need to get back into a routine. More importantly it needs to be right up there with my coffee consumption.

3. September will be a month where I tackle more projects around the house and purge our “stuff”.

4. I’m excited about getting back into our AWANA program. Both girls are in Sparks this year and as it turns out I will get to be Kinsley’s Sparks leader.

5. Next time someone says “can you hold” when I call I’m gonna tell them [8] "NO".

6. Too many people have died this year. I’m ready to be free of death for awhile. Some deaths have been more tragic than others. No matter how a loved one dies it’s missing them that hurts the most.

7. Kinsley has to have some tests done at Children’s Hospital on the 14th. Say a little prayer that the doctors will find that she is absolutely going to be okay.

8. The fires down in Texas are out of control. I am praying that they will get A LOT of rain soon. So many people have lost their homes because of these wildfires.

9. I would like to pray for those who have lost a loved one this year. On top of that prayer I would also like to pray that justice is served for those who thought they could take someone’s life by force and get away with it.

10. I’m also praying for the people in this country who voted for Obama last election that they are paying attention to what he has done and is doing. Is our nation better off today than it was three years ago? My answer: [9] NO!

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