August 27, 2011

Water for Sale

That’s what I wrote: Water for Sale!

My girls decided to put together a water stand today.

In their words: all the proceeds go to the poor.

So far they have earned $1.00

Kinsley keeps chanting out loud: Ice cold dollar!!!

It’s great to see them working together for a good cause.

They did not ask for help from anyone, not even our government.

Way to go Fiona and Kinsley!!!


  1. Hi Vernon! I am stoked that you stopped by my blog & left a comment.

    Kinsley & Fiona made $3.00 and an IOU today. I am very proud of them. They worked well together. They set the whole thing up all by themselves.

    BTW, I read Post Secret too. I wanted to tell you that on your blog but I'm not sure how your commenting system works.

    I sure hope you're having a good weekend. :]


Thanks for the comment