August 2, 2011


I took Kinsley to the doctor yesterday.

By the way, we have a really cool family doctor. He has a dry sense of humor. I wasn’t sure about him at first but after seeing him for several years now I am convinced he is the best doctor we’ve ever had. He’s no nonsense, doesn’t panic, and he doesn’t make my kids nervous. In fact, he refers to Miss Kinsley as “hey little buddy.”

When we got to the doc’s office she was able to give up a urine sample without any trouble at all. This was completely opposite from the last time she had to give up a sample. I didn’t have to leave and come back and we were able to get it all done in the span of about one hour.

While there I mentioned the fact that she had slipped, fell and bonked her head at a spray park in Tyler, TX when I was down visiting family. Long story short – I had taken her to the ER because the bump on her head was the size of a golf ball. After filling our doctor in on all of that and how everything turned out he said that the only thing he needed me to do was to call the ER and have them send him a copy of the CAT scan results. That’s really all that he needed for her medical file here in Omaha. I need to remember to call them and take care of that this week.

The results came back and sure enough Miss Kinsley’s white blood cells were high. That means infection. It’s good that I took her in to have her checked out. The doctor and the nurse talked to her about not holding her pee or her poop. He gave us a prescription for some medicine that she’s supposed to take twice daily for ten days. When we finish that up we’ll wait a couple of days and then she’ll give them another urine sample.

When the doctor was talking to her about the bump she got on her head down in Texas Kinsley told him that it made her feel confused. He said, “I can see why you would feel confused. You just need to have your Mom keep you away from Texas.”

I laughed out loud.


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