August 22, 2011

Sweet Dreams People

What can I say? There are not enough hours in a day. There are even less hours in a school day. That’s all I have. I’m ready for a NEW day.

P.S. Charla if you are reading this I ordered some duplicate pictures today when I was getting all my photos caught up. You know – pictures from AWANA, your baby shower, and when we came to visit you in the hospital when Christian was born. I thought you might get a kick out of that. Also, I wanted to see if you still read my blog. Lol


  1. Haha, I still read your blog. Can't wait to see the pictures.

    Do you still read mine??

  2. Yup. I read your blog too. I have it in my google reader. I love that thing! I need to figure out why you were only able to post as anoymous. That's weird.


Thanks for the comment