August 11, 2011

Summary of Patient Services

Last night I was tucking Kinsley in for bed and she said, “Mom...There’s a bump on my head and it’s been bothering me.” So I had her show it to me and I felt it and it feels like a knot that’s connected to her head. It’s about the size of a large marble.

Back in June she slipped, fell and bumped her head at a spray park in Tyler, TX. We were in the ER in Athens for 6 hours. They did a cat scan on her and everything came back fine. The doctor said she had a mild concussion, etc.

Here we are and it’s August and now pops up this other bump on her head. It’s not in the same location as the one back in June. I do not like how it feels. It almost feels like it’s some sort of growth, not a boil, or anything like that.

We have doctor’s appointment at 1:40 pm. Let me tell you Texas makes it extremely difficult to get copies of her records. My doctor has to call them and make the arrangement. I did finally convince the gal on the phone that I have a right to have copies too. After all, they charged me for everything even though our insurance is covering the bulk of the cost. But’s ridiculous.

Summary of Patient Services:
Emergency Room Services: $530.25
Radiology Services: $5,529.50
Professional Fee: $631.75
For a Total of: $6,691.50
My portion after insurance: $624.71

I have no idea what a professional fee is. Do you? I’m thinking it might be the fee that is charged when you have to have someone decipher test results. The ER doctor had to use a company in Minnesota to read the radiology results for him. Maybe that is what the professional fee is for? I have no idea. I still don’t understand why they had to use people in Minnesota to decipher the radiology results. It doesn’t make sense to me.

This knot on her head doesn’t feel right to me. She didn’t hit her head on anything either. Not this time. I hope it winds up being nothing at all. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what our doctor says about it.

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